Phillip Phillips Performs at the 2017 CMT Artists of the Year Awards

Phillip Phillips, who has been enjoying a well-deserved break after a long summer tour, made an appearance at the CMT Artist of the Year Awards in Nashville last night. Though Phillip’s performance was announced at the last minute (the morning of the show) his performance was nothing close to rushed or improvised.

Phillip performed Sam Hunt’s “Body Like a Back Road,” a huge country hit that has broken several records since it was released in February this year. The song sounded amazing with Phillip’s voice adding some soulfulness to the sexy lyrics and a great band that included keys, guitar, horns and backing vocals. The performance earned Phillips rave reviews, not only from his fans, but from country music fans who may not have known Phillip’s music until last night.

Phillip has been spending a lot of time in Nashville in the last several months. His long awaited third album, due to come out (we hope) early next year, was partially written in Nashville, where he has collaborated with some great musicians and songwriters on a number of new songs.

Phillip attended the show with his wife Hannah, and the two posed together at the red carpet before the show. Take a look a Phillip’s performance as well as some photos from the event, below!


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Photos: Phillip Phillips 2017 Summer Tour

What is that strange magic that makes live music and photography go so well together? Because while live music is ephemeral and forever moving like a flowing river, photography is static and permanent. Perhaps it’s due to photography’s ability to catch a moment, to capture a few magical seconds in a performance and make it last forever so we can go back again and again to feel its spellbinding power.

Phillip Phillips performs at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga Springs, New York on August 20, 2017. Photo: Danny DeRusso.

Phillip Phillips’ summer tour had many of such moments, with shows at some historic venues such as Bethel Woods, where the Woodstock festival took place, and Austin City Limits Live’s Moody Theater in Austin, TX, home of the highly regarded PBS music special. Phillip wrapped his 2017 tour in Bend, OR on September 19. As a recap, here are just a few of our favourite photos from the summer. Here is hoping for more exciting announcements in the coming months, and of course a new tour to promote his new album. Visit our Galleries page to see more tour photos as well as some great fan photos too!

Shadow Tattoo – Phillip Phillips performs at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT. Photo: Brian Gallo.

Featured photo by Danny DeRusso.

Phillip Phillips Rocks Austin City Limits Live, Releases Acoustic Version of Miles

Phillip Phillips made a very special stop last Friday, September 8th, when he performed at the Austin City Limits Live‘s Moody Theater. The day before, Phillip helped members of the Goo Goo Dolls to collect food items for those affected by the storm in Houston before their show in The Woodlands, TX.

Though the show in Austin was (regrettably) not recorded as part of celebrated Austin City Limits PBS series, it was nonetheless a special performance in an already stellar summer tour and stops at some amazing venues.

Phillip also surprised fans this Friday by releasing an acoustic version on “Miles,” his latest single. The recording features cellist Dave Eggar, who has been touring with Phillip this summer and accompanying Phillip during the acoustic VIP shows. The acoustic version captures the warm energy of those intimate performances — all the better to appreciate the gorgeous melody and moving lyrics of the song. Listen to “Miles” acoustic and follow the links below to purchase the song!

Buy Miles acoustic.
To buy the original version, click here.
Featured photo by Austin City Limits Live.
Gallery photos by PhillPhillSource, Chris Heuer, Austin City Limits Live, and Eliza.

Phillip Phillips Best of the Tour, August Roundup

It’s getting darker in the evenings, but not in the least cooler as Phillip Phillips hot summer tour continues! And there have been so many stories and musical treats that it’s been hard to keep up.

Here are just a few of the best fans and others videos and audio from the last few weeks, check them out! Also, head out to our photo gallery to see some great photos from the summer tour too!

1. “Miles,” Phillip’s moving and perfect new single, was released on August 11th. Here is an spectacular acoustic recording of the song just a few days before its official release.

2. A fan recorded the entire the show in Syracuse, NY. Watch the whole show, or if you must, go to the last song, the unreleased “My Name” to have your face melted and your mind blown.

3. An awesome fan in Boston also did a cool video montage of his entire show.

4. Our friend Susan recorded the full audio of the VIP Meet and Greet and full band set in Orlando – it’s great!

5. And finally, Phillip and his wife Hannah reminisce about the early days. Great and fun interview.

Phillip’s tour with the Goo Goo Dolls Long Way Home tour continues in Jacksonville, FL tomorrow. Take a look at all the upcoming dates here.

Featured photo by Wendy Podmenik Darugar.
Thank you to Hot 97.5/103.9, Elizabeth, goochick22, Susan, and Mix 104.1 Boston.

Phillip Phillips’ VIP Show in Chicago

Phillip Phillips was back in Chicago this past Monday, July 24th. As do all his shows in support of the Goo Goo Dolls this summer, there was a VIP event before his opening set. Phillip performed two songs and answered questions in between the music. Among the things he discussed are a possible release date for the new album and how he manages to keep a positive attitude during difficult times…Take a look at the full video of the VIP event below!

Want to see this sign? Get your VIP tickets now – they are available until the end ot the tour!

To see all dates and tour details click here.
Thank you to our friend Sylvia for the video and photos.

Phillip Phillips’ Sweet Summer Vibes at the Shoreline Amphitheatre

Phillip Phillips much awaited summer tour got underway last Friday, July 14th at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Phillip will be touring the entire summer in support of the Goo Goo Dolls Long Way Home Summer Tour 2017.

As it does for most of the dates on the tour, the ticket for the Shoreline show included an option for a VIP Meet & Greet experience. The whole event was superbly organized. After signing in at the VIP sign in area, people who had tickets for the meet and greet were taken to an area backstage where a tent and a small stage had been set up. As we made our way backstage, we could hear Phillip and the band doing the sound check, which only added to everybody’s excitement. Thankfully, we only had to wait a few minutes before Phillip and Dave Eggar, cellist and musician extraordinaire, made their way to the stage and sat in the two chairs that had been placed for them there. I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was no official radio sponsor and that Phillip and Dave were basically in charge of how the show and Q&A would unfold.

Phillip Phillips and Dave Eggar play an acoustic show at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Photo: PhillPhillcom.

A piece of paper had been taped on the floor in front of Phillip’s chair with a selection of questions from fans – we had been asked to submit them prior to the event online. But Phillip ignored the sheet and simply told us if we had any questions and people just went for it asking whatever came to their mind. In true Phillip fashion he soon had us laughing with his funny answers. He also asked us what we wanted them to play to which someone yelled “Man on the Moon” but he couldn’t play it because he didn’t have his capo. After another suggestion which he also couldn’t play – the capo again, I yelled “Miles,” a new unreleased song that I’m in love with, and that’s what they played finally!
Phillip and Dave Eggar have been playing together for the best part of the last five years and doing these type of acoustic shows must be like second nature for them. The whole event was very informal, relaxed and cool as a result. After playing “Gone Gone Gone,” Phillip answered a few more questions and then took the time to take pictures with everybody. I highly recommend getting these tickets if you can afford them, it was a wonderful experience.

Dave Eggar at the VIP experience at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Photo: Priscilla McRae.

Anybody who has attended a live music event knows that there is no sweeter moment than the second before a show starts, and with the sun shining right on the stage, the warm summer air on our skin and the notes of “Man on the Moon” making their way through the air, that moment on Friday felt like a wonderful dream. It’s no secret that Phillip has faced some difficult times recently and to see him right there on the stage doing what he does best was a beautiful sight for my eyes. As always, it took no time for Phillip and his band to mesmerize us with their energy and musicianship as they did when they launched into the extended outro for “Man on the Moon.”

By now Phillip has enough songs, in addition to an entire catalogue of brilliant covers, to easily put on a two hour plus show. However, being in the opening slot meant that Phillip had to compress his set list to fit 40 minutes, not an easy task for a band that is used to jamming on almost every song. Still, Phillip did a great job mixing many of the hits like “Home,” “Gone Gone Gone” and “Raging Fire,” with his new songs. Of the eight songs he played that night, three were new unreleased ones. All three were also highlights. I don’t know how else to explain it but maybe it’s just that Phillip is feeling these new songs. “Magnetic” was extra sexy, with Phillip taking his time with the lyrics and stretching his vocal range to places we have not heard him go before. New guitarist Jonathan Asperil was really great on it as well, taking over from where the amazing Nate Mercereau left with the song’s guitar solo.

Phillip Phillips and Jonathan Asperil at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. Photo: Rockin Ryan.

I have already mentioned “Miles” as a new favourite and on Friday I had the pleasure of hearing it twice, once acoustically and once full band. On this tour, both Dave Eggar, and trumpet player Joel Behrman are filling in on keyboard. On “Miles,” the addition of these keys was beautiful and made its yearning tone all the more heartbreaking. I am obsessed.

Other amazing moments of the night were a new jam on “Lead On,” lead, appropriately, by bassist Court Leonard, back with Phillip on this tour, and the show closer “Don’t Tell Me.” Debuted by Phillip last summer, “Don’t Tell Me” is a funky number that helped to display Phillip’s great writing ability – it’s a perfect sing along song – as well as his and his band musical talent. I loved the horns by Joel Behrman at the end and just the overall grooviness of the whole song. Finally, I have to mention that Jeff Randall on drums was great, with a clean style that just gave the right touch to each of the songs.

I would dare to say that this is one of the best, most cohesive shows I have heard from Phillip and band: there was just an overall mellower sound, but really intense, sensuous feeling to the entire set. Though I’m sad to see that regular band members were absent this time, this new configuration sounded wonderful.
They say time flies when you are having fun, and it certainly did last Friday. As I clapped along to “Raging Fire” and “Gone Gone Gone” I looked around and saw the many fans that came expressly to see Phillip — a cute mom and daughter duo, a really nice lady sitting next to me who sang along the whole show, a 92 year-old fan whose bucket list wish is for Phillip to release his new album — and I thought, it’s OK, he will be back and we will be back too. As long as Phillip keeps touring and playing music, we will be there, we will keep coming back — for the magic and for the music.

Phillip’s tour continues on Thursday, July 20th in Fargo, ND. Click here to see all the upcoming dates! And check out some videos from the Shoreline show as well as the full show audio below!

Featured Photo: Rockin Ryan.
YouTube videos by Priscilla MacRae and Vanessa Sutter, Steve Leigh and PhillPhillcom.