Phillip Phillips At Lucky Strike Denver

Phillip Phillips brought his guitar, and his bowling shoes, to Lucky Strike Denver last Saturday for a special acoustic performance and CD signing. And fans in attendance were very lucky indeed as Errol Cooney and Dave Eggar, Phillip’s guitarist and cello player, joined him for the exclusive acoustic performance.

The trio performed three songs, two of them from Phillip’s new album Behind The Light. Though the show was scheduled to start at 1:00 pm, fans–including many from out of state there to see Phillip’ show at Red Rocks later that evening–started lining up as early as 7:30 in the morning to make sure they got a good spot inside the venue. The dedication of fans paid off, as they were treated to an incredibly rocking and inspired performance.

Check out some videos and photos from the event below!

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Phillip Celebrates Record Store Day At Rasputin Music

Last Saturday April 19th officially market one month until the release of Phillip Phillips’ second album Behind The Light. To promote the album, and celebrate Record Store Day, Phillip did a special performance and autograph signing session at Rasputin Music store in Berkeley, CA.

Around 1:00 pm, fans, as well as some lucky passersby, packed the store’s aisles to watch Phillip’s performance and then had the chance to get their albums and other memorabilia signed.

Phillip and his lead guitarist Errol Cooney performed “a couple of old tunes” and a couple of new songs from Behind The Light, including first single “Raging Fire” and “Trigger,” an incredible new song Phillip debuted only a week ago during a show in Valdosta, GA.

Phillip will stay in California in the next few days as he’s scheduled to appear on the Ellen Show this Tuesday, April 22nd.

Check out some videos and photos from the event below!

Raging Fire


Man on the moon

Gone Gone gone

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Videos and photos by Adriana and Luis

Phillip Phillips Intimate And Interactive In Vancouver

After three weeks of heavy touring across the country, Phillip Phillips finally made his way to Vancouver, BC last Friday to play the last show of his first ever Canadian tour. But before his highly anticipated show at Rogers Arena, Phillip took the time to do a very special Intimate and Interactive show, sponsored by Shore 104.3 FM. Only 50 fans were allowed to attend the event, and you had to win your way in. I’m happy to say, I was one of those winners!

The event took place at the beautiful lounge inside the lobby of the Pacific Rim Hotel in downtown Vancouver. There was a small lineup to enter and everybody was assigned a numbered wristband. Despite not being the first in line, I could not believe it when we got seated right in front of the chairs were Phillip and his guitarist Errol Cooney would play!

At 1:30 pm sharp Phillip and Errol came out to big cheers from the contest winners. They wasted no time, and after a brief intro jumped right into “Man On The Moon.” If you have ever seen video of these acoustic performances, you know what an unbelievable treat it was to see Errol and Phillip just jam out on that intense extended ending and then do it all over again on “Where We Came From.”

The 50-minute event was a combination performance and Q&A, and the audience was able to submit the questions they wanted to ask. Despite Phillip’s famous nerves, it was great to see that he has become a relaxed and natural storyteller, and he made us laugh more than once with his stories. He told us a funny one about the time his dad was concerned about his grades. He told him he needed to get better or he would sell all Phillip’s belongings at the family’s pawn shop. Sure enough, next semester when Phillip’s grades didn’t improve, he came home to find out that everything in his room was gone. “Did he sell the stuff?” “No, he didn’t sell it, but he scared me!”

Phillip also talked about the new album, Behind The Light, whose May 19 release date and title were announced only hours before Friday’s event. He joked saying that he hopes people will like it, but still if they don’t, that he hopes people will just “buy it, and buy it again!” He also said that the album will be “more mature,” musically “more technical” and “heavier overall,” and that he hopes it’s “cooler than the first one.”

Throughout the Q&A, it was clear that despite not taking himself very seriously (he is very humble and funny), Phillip takes the music and the creative process very seriously, talking about how much he has learned through the recording of his two albums and about how he wants his music to truly represent him always. Amazingly, my question was picked during the Q&A, but I was so excited they had chosen it, that I think I failed to capture his whole answer. I asked about what other influences he has besides other musicians, such as stories from movies or TV shows and books. He said that he does get inspired by movies and shows (and talked about his favorite TV shows The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad) which may result in some darker or stranger music that may not necessarily make it to the album, but that he may play live.

Phillip’s singing was as intense and soulful as I had imagined it would be, his playing incredibly skillful and graceful at the same time. And Errol Cooney is just an unbelievable guitar player, providing the perfect support and solos to Phillip’s ambitious arrangements and ideas.

It was, without question, the most perfect, incredible performance and event. Not many people get the chance to see a musician they admire in an intimate setting like this, so I’m thankful to Shore 104.3 FM for putting together this very special event and for Phillip for taking the time to do it. It’s a beautiful memory that I will cherish forever.

Check out the set list and exclusive video and photos from the event below!

Set list:

Man On The Moon
Where We Came From
Raging Fire
Gone Gone Gone

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Photos/Video by Sebastian Lavigna

Phillip Phillips Performs at “Raise the Roof” Gala

Last Saturday, Phillip Phillips took a break from the studio to perform at the “Raise the Roof” gala for American Family Children’s Hospital. Proceeds from the event benefited the Children’s Hospital Sick Kids Can’t Wait campaign.

Phillip’s appearance was sponsored by American Family Insurance and contributed to raise over a half a million dollars for the Children’s Hospital.

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For this very special performance, Phillip brought along his guitar player Errol Cooney, who has also been working in the studio on Phillip’s upcoming second album. 

Take a look at Phillip and Errol performing Gone Gone Gone at the gala.

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Video by Lynnette Bob Sharrer
Photos: American Family Children’s Hospital

Phillip Phillips’ Canadian Tour – The Venues

Phillip Phillips’ Canadian Tour is only three weeks away. Needless to say, excitement is mounting, and not only for Canadian fans.

With a new album on the works, the Canadian tour could very well coincide with exciting news about a possible release date, or even more amazing, the actual release of a brand new single. This may be wishful thinking from us, but would not be out of character; so far Phillip has always found ways to surprise fans with unannounced album releases (iTunes Session), and impromptu performances of new, unreleased songs. One thing is for sure, Phillip’s first Canadian tour will be unforgettable for all Canadian fans, those that have been following him since the beginning and the new ones he’ll create along the way. We will celebrate this very special tour by following Phillip and his band from their first show in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the East Coast, all the way to Vancouver, on the Pacific coast.

During the tour, Phillip will play some beautiful venues across the country, but will also make a stop at historical Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL in the US. Take a closer look at the tour dates, cities and venues below.

[toggle header=”Opening show: Saturday, March 8, 2013″ open=”true”]
canada15Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Venue: Dartmouth Sportsplex
110 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS
Capacity: 3,500
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[toggle header=”Monday, March 10, 2014” open=”true”]
 Québec City, Québec
Venue: Grand Théatre de Québec (Salle Louis-Fréchette)
269, boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Québec, QC
Capacity : 1,875
Sold out show
See venue[/toggle] 

[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 11, 2014” open=”true”]

canada2Where: Montréal, Québec
Venue: Place des Arts (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier)
175 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal, QC
Capacity: 2,982
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[toggle header=”Wednesday, March 12, 2014” open=”true”]


Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Venue: National Arts Centre (Southam Hall)
53 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON (at Confederation Square)
Capacity : 2,323
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[toggle header=”Friday, March 14, 2014” open=”true”]
canada4Where: Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Front Street East, Toronto, ON
Capacity: 3191
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[toggle header=”Saturday, March 15, 2014” open=”true”]
canada13Where: Kingston, Ontario
Venue: Rogers K-Rock Centre
1 The Tragically Hip Way, Kingston, ON
Capacity:  5,380
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[toggle header=”Sunday, March 16, 2014” open=”true”]
canada5Where: Hamilton, Ontario
Venue: Hamilton Place Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, ON
Capacity: 2,193
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[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 18, 2014” open=”true”]
canada6Where: Waukegan, Illinois
Venue: Genesee Theatre
203 North Genesee Street, Waukegan, IL (USA)
Capacity:  2,427
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[toggle header=”Thursday, March 20, 2014” open=”true”]
canada7Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Venue: Burton Cummings Theatre
364 Smith St., Winnipeg, MB
Capacity: 1646
Buy Tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Friday, March 21, 2014” open=”true”]
canada12Where: Regina, Saskatchewan
Venue: Brandt Centre, Evraz Place
1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK
Capacity: 6,136
Buy tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Sunday, March 23, 2014” open=”true”]
canada8Where: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Venue: TCU Place
35 22nd Street East, Saskatoon, SK
Capacity: 2003
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[toggle header=”Monday, March 24, 2014” open=”true”]
canada9Where: Calgary, Alberta
Venue: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
1415 14 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB
Capacity:  2,538
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[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 25, 2014” open=”true”]
canada10Where: Edmonton, Alberta
Venue:  Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
11455 87 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB
Capacity: 2,538
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[toggle header=”Thursday, March 27, 2014” open=”true”]
canada14Where: Kamloops, British Columbia
Venue: Interior Savings Centre
300 Lorne St., Kamloops, BC
Capacity: 5,158
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[toggle header=”Friday, March 28, 2014” open=”true”]
canada11Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
Venue: Rogers Arena
800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver, BC
Capacity: 5,800
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Phillip Phillips Performs At Super Bowl Pregame Show

Phillip Phillips fans got a little more than football from the Super Bowl today, they also got an awesome performance by Phillip and his band. The performance took place during the pregame show’s Tailgate Party. Phillip played a 45 minute set for a lucky crowd but only one song was shown as part of Fox’s Super Bowl pregame show. Phillip played Gone Gone Gone and besides his regular great band, he was joined by Dave Eggar on cello, a new drummer and a couple of new players on the horn section accompanying Philip Dizack on trumpet. It was a short but sweet performance; we wish they had showed more! Check it out!

Gone Gone Gone


GGG + Drive me

Get Up Get Down