Phillip Phillips’ New Album Collateral Is Finally Out

Just before midnight on January 19, Phillip Phillips’ new album Collateral was finally released. The celebration from fans across social media has been non-stop, and as of this writing the album is sitting at #12 on the iTunes overall album charts. Phillip shared a beautiful message with fans just before the album dropped reflecting on the struggles and triumphs of the last few years:

“Gonna rest peacefully tonight. I did what was right. Good things happen if you work hard at what you believe in. There are going to be struggles. Fight. Get up & live YOUR life. Listen to it. Feel it. Go with your gut. Thank you for the support & staying with me. Now let’s go!”

And again this morning, Phillip shared a very special video talking about what the release of this album means to him.

Phillip wasted no time to get things going promoting the album, performing “Dance With Me” and “Into The Wild” from Collateral on Fox News early Friday. Errol Cooney, guitar player extraordinaire and a constant musical companion to Phillips in the early years, made a surprise appearance alongside Phillip. Take a look at Phillip and Errol performing “Into The Wild” below!

Don’t wait one more minute to get it, Collateral is available everywhere!

Featured Photo: Jesse DeFlorio

Phillip Phillips Releases New Single Dance With Me

“Dance With Me” is the third single from Phillip Phillips’ upcoming album Collateral. Phillip wrote “Dance With Me” for his wife Hannah for their first dance during their wedding in 2015. As such, it’s perhaps one of the most personal and intimate songs Phillip has released. Since it was used at their wedding, Phillip has performed the song during tour, usually by himself or accompanied by Dave Eggar on cello.

The recording keeps this understated arrangement, with a small string introduction and then piano, drums, strings, bass and guitar throughout. It is a beautiful ballad, a declaration of deep, unconditional love. Before they wed, Phillip and Hannah had been together for several years. The lyrics are a testament to this; they feel steady and mature, marked by life and experience. I think “Dance With Me” feels like a classic already.

Listen to “Dance With Me” below. And click here to pre-order Collateral, out on January 19.