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Phillip Phillips performs in Argentina for the first time on 9/16 and 9/17/2013. check it out!

The Argentine audience is a myth among the artists that never set foot on this country: it is special, it is different, they say.  It is passionate, warm, hospitable, enthusiast,effusive, it is huge. Yes, that is all true. But there is also something some kind of magic in that first encounter, whenthe artist doesn´t know what he is going to find and the audience gets anxious guessing what they will find. At that very moment, happiness takes the form of music, it is the lyrics , it is a chord, it is an “olé olé olé”.  Artist and fansconverge in a moment that lasts for hours, which is immaterial, unique, where it doesn´t matter what ishappening outside or if the whole world is tumbling down;there is a connection that cannot be broken at all. The artist-offers his music, we offer our hearts and, in between, we let things flow.

John Mayer visited Argentina for the first time and gave two shows in a row at the Luna Park Stadium.  Phillip Phillips, the humble and talented winner of American IdolSeason 11, came as JM´s opening show to present his firstrecord. They both arrived to our country with that idea, with the myth that something magical happens with the Argentine crowd. The myth became reality that Monday, September 16, 20.45, when the lights went out. Find out what happened.

Phillip Phillips, the conquest of the Argentine crowd:

When John Mayer´s tour was announced in Argentina, the news that Phillip Phillips would come as opening act surprised many: on the one hand, those who knew him could not believe it; on the other, the ones who did not know him wondered who Phillip Phillips was, where did he come from. The winner of American Idol came to present some tracks from his album The World From The Side Of The Moon; 50 minutes was enough time for him to win over the crowd.

At 20:45 the Luna Park lights went out and the Georgia-born musician with his band entered the stage. He was welcome by an ovation that surprised him.  Undoubtedly, there were many more Phillip Phillips´ fans in Argentinathan what we all expected. What did Phillip do? What hedoes best, grab his guitar and sweeten our ears. Along with”Hold On“´s first notes came the first cries from the fansthat effusively wanted to express their love for the 23 year-old singer and song-writer.

The audience began to warm up, Phillip began to warm up as well, and thus began what would become a lovely eveningthat included great songs like “Gone Gone Gone“, “Man on the moon”, “Wanted is Love” “Get up Get Down“, and a beautiful cover of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins.

There was room for the famous “Olé Olé Olé Olé Phillip Phillips” that the singer himself chorused clapping his hands,for an endless ovation when Phillip jammed  together withhis guitar player in an impeccable and energetic  instrumental session and for a “Muchas Gracias (Thank you very much)” that occasionally a somewhat shy Phillip pulled in his modest Spanish, showing that he was more than happy to be on that stage and grateful for the way the crowd embraced him and his band.

He closed the set with a little bit of “Let’s Get it On” (cover of Marvin Gaye) which he linked with the so expected “Home” (the song with which he won American Idol) which is a hit worldwide causing everyone in the audience to clap and sing along, with the hope of seeing him again soon in these latitudes.

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Translated by @PPhillipsArgent


LUNA PARK  9/16/2013


– Hold on
– Gone Gone Gone
– Man on the Moon
– Wanted is Love
– Get up get down
– In the air tonight
– Let’s Get it on / Home


Hold on

Gone Gone Gone

Man on the Moon

Wanted is Love

Get up Get down



LUNA PARK  9/17/2013


– Get up get down
– Drive Me
– Gone Gone gone
– Man on the Moon
– Thriller
– Where we came from
– Home


Get up Get down

Drive Me

Gone Gone Gone

Man on the Moon


Where we came from





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Meet & Greet

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Philatics: Fanbook project!


As you know, Phillip is coming to Brazil in september and I’ll try to meet him and give him a ‘fanbook’ by Philatics.
It will be a beautiful project, and I need your help to make it happen cause this will be one fo Phillip’ birthday gift. =]

What you need to do?
You need to send me a photo of you (a special photo), with a sign, or a personal photo and a text in email.
The photos must be in good resolution for printing.

The fanbook will contain Philatic’s photos and messages by fans.

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You can send a photo of your family, with your love, with your pets, photo with Phillip .. send the photo you want, be creative and send us a beautiful photo.
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Thank you Philatics.

Deadline: 20/8/2013