Phillip Phillips at Universal Mardi Gras

Phillip Phillips and band played a rocking show Saturday night as part of Universal Studios‘ Mardi Gras concerts. The lucky Orlando crowd was treated to an hour and a half of pure Phillip Phillips energy and ever impressive musicianship. Phillip was joined by his incredible band, JJ Smith on bass, Jason Thomas on drums, Bobby Sparks on keys and organ, Joel Behrman on trumpet and trombone and Nate Mercereau on guitar.

Photo: @orlandorevista

Phillip set the mood of night from the very first song, a heavy cover of “Eleanor Rigby,” not a new cover for Phillip, but a reworked one with heavier drums, new brass arrangement and an overall more straight forward sound. “Trigger” and “Lead On” followed, both featuring extended jams that show again that Phillip is not afraid to explore and expand his songs and lead the audience into a deep musical ride. Other amazing moments included a new mini-jam within a jam in “Lead On,” and a darker than ever intro to “Man on the Moon.” He then brought it all home again with a new, “back to the roots” version of “Home.” Check out some videos and the audio from the full show below!

Set list:
Eleanor Rigby
Lead On
Raging Fire
Unpack Your Heart
Man on the Moon
Where We Came From
Saturday Night Special

Photo: Erika Blue Photo: Erika Blue Photo: @megharaschak
Photo: @concert_goer36 Photo: @concert_goer36 Photo: @concert_goer36 Photo: @concert_goer36

Set list by @Phillips_Tweets
Thanks to Susan and Heather.