Phillip Phillips fans celebrate TWFTSOTM Anniversary


Phillip Phillips’ debut album, The World From The Side Of The Moon is one year old today!
Interscope Records is re-releasing the album along with a three-song Live EP recorded in the summer during Phillips tour in support of John Mayer.

In honour of the 1st anniversary of the album, and its special edition re-release, we decided to make a video to celebrate all its success.

Phillips’ fans are passionate about the album, so we asked them what their favourite song on The World From The Side Of The Moon was and why. We received many beautiful answers and we wish we could have used them all. Thank you to all the fans that contributed!

You can order the special edition of the album + three-song Live EP here.
Watch the video below!

Phillip Phillips fans celebrate TWFTSOTM… por PhillPhillcom

“Where We Came From” Gets Another Spectacular Video

Phillip Phillips has been very busy lately promoting “Where We Came From”, the third single from his album The World From The Side Of The Moon and the first one where he has writing credits. Last week, Phillips surprised his fans with a beautiful video of the song featuring him and his band performing the song live during his stop at the Alaska State Fair last summer.

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Phillip Phillips performs at the Hollywood Bowl


Phillip Phillips performed at Hollywood Bowl last saturday night 10/05/2013. The show with a set that included his own material, as well as a cover of The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby”“Lollipop” , “Lose Yourself” and “All I Do is Win.”, closing with his song “Home,”.


1- Get Up Get Down
2- Gone, Gone, Gone
3- Man on the Moon
4- Elanor Rigby/Where We Came From
5- A Fool’s Dance
6- Lollipop (Lil Wayne cover)
7- Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)
8- All I Do is Win (DJ Khaled cover)
9- Home

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Credits: @B4Music