Phillip Phillips and Dave Eggar at Stanford Live

Phillip Phillips and Dave Eggar played an intimate acoustic show last night at the beautiful Stanford Bing Concert Hall, in Stanford, CA. Although Phillip and Dave have played innumerable shows together in the last few years, this was the first time that they played a full acoustic show as a duo. With the prestigious Stanford University campus as the setting, the show was the perfect showcase for the wonderful collaboration that has developed between Phillip and Dave, and provided the opportunity to delve even deeper into their rich musical vocabulary.

Photo credit: Lea P.

With only a cello, a guitar (well, a couple of guitars) and Phillip’s voice, they filled the concert hall with warm, dazzling, and virtuoso renderings of a few of Phillip’s songs and a couple of new covers, including a spectacular cover of Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android”.

If the whole show in itself was a highlight, a few other details made it a night to remember for those in the audience and fans all over the Internet. Indeed, just minutes before the show started, Phillip did his first ever live stream over Periscope, allowing fans to see him, Dave and the crew getting ready and then live streaming some magical moments of the show. For the lucky audience in Stanford, the night was filled with beautiful acoustics, extraordinary music and candid conversation from Phillip. The show demonstrated again the diversity of Phillip’s live performances, the depth of his musical collaboration with Dave Eggar, and the fact that no matter where he is, Phillip Phillips’ shows are not to miss.

Photo credit: Priscilla Photo credit: Ruth Ann Crystal

Check out some videos of Phillip and Dave covering Radiohead and Ozzy Osbourne (!!!) below as well as partial audio from the show.

Set list:
Trigger>> (segue to)
No More Tears (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
Lead On
Man on the Moon
Raging Fire
Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)
Unpack Your Heart
Gone Gone Gone
Tell Me A Story
A Fool’s Dance

Photos by Lea P., Ruth Ann, Priscilla and Stanford Live.
Videos via Phillip Phillips’ Periscope and @PhilaticPhamily.
Set list and details via @Phillips_Tweets and Priscilla.