Phillip Phillips at EZ Rock lounge


Check out Phillip’s interview at the EZ Rock lounge.

“We had the pleasure of American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, join us in the 105.7 EZ Rock lounge!

Staff gathered in the Lounge to hear Philip talk about his success, his kidneys and his new album, The World From the Side of the Moon.  Everyone found a spot and huddled in to listen to this young, Georgia native and Bulldogs fan.  He talked about what his life has been like over the past 9 months. From singing at the World Series last year to performing for the Dali Lama, his fame came fast but he seems to have it all under control.  He’s a down-home kind of kid who doesn’t think he’s famous but, is proud of his songwriting, and thrilled to be touring with Matchbox 20.

He is also seeing the ugly side to fame.  His parents filed for divorce and his Mom was charged with DUI 5 days ago.  When we were getting ready to record the interview part, I told him, “I don’t plan on talking or asking about your current family situations, its just about the music and you singing for us.”  He replied, “I appreciate that very much Lori, I mean Ma’am”…I assured him Lori was just fine.

Tune in to the Hollywood Hit List at 6:40, 7:40 and 8:40 Wednesday morning for clips from the interview.  At 8:40 we will play the acoustic version of HOME from the jam session!  Hope you catch it.  I think you’ll be wowed off your feet!” – EZ Rock lounge



Man on The Moon

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