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Phillip Phillips performs at the Sony Centre in Toronto

Phillip Phillips has embarked on the final leg of his Canadian tour, which has taken him from Nova Scotia to Quebec, then to Ontario, Manitoba (via Illinois, in the US), and now Saskatchewan. Along the way, he has played some unforgettable shows for his many Canadian fans. Last Friday, Phillip performed at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, one of three shows he played in Ontario. This wasn’t Phillip’s first visit to the city, and the Toronto crowd certainly worked to make him feel at home. Phillip and the band returned all the love and gave them an incredible show.

Check out some amazing videos and photos of Phillip’s show in Toronto last Friday.

Set list:

Drive Me
Gone, Gone, Gone
Man On The Moon
Wanted Is Love
Raging Fire
Tell Me A Story
Take Me Away
Get Up Get Down
A Fool’s Dance

Get Up Get Down

Take me Away

Raging Fire


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Thanks: Jackie Munroe | canfly172 | Erika Houser

Phillip Phillips exclusive acoustic performance for 92.5FM

Watch Phillip Phillips’ exclusive acoustic performance of his new hit single “Raging Fire,” shot live in the green room of Montreal’s Place des Arts for 92.5FM The Beat of Montreal.

11phillipphillips-selfie jpeg

Check out the interview and his performance below:


Thanks: CousinVinnyMTL | Shaun925thebeat925thebeatmtl

Phillip Phillips at Barclays Center in Brooklyn 12/17/13

It was the perfect ending to a perfect tour. Last night, Phillip Phillips played the last show in support of John Mayer at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY and there were quite a few special moments to mark the special night.

First, cellist extraordinaire and frequent bandmate Dave Eggar, joined the band for the last two shows on the tour, including last night’s show. With the addition of Eggar’s cello, the band treated the fans to a cover of the Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby. And then, to close his set, Phillip did his amazing “Lollipop” mash up followed by “Home.”

But that was not the last fans would see of Phillip, as later during John Mayer’s set, he joined him on stage during his rendition of “Please Come Home For Christmas.” Phillip came on stage without his guitar and sang a few lines from the song.

Although Phillip’s fans are sad the tour is over, it could not have ended on a higher note; we are sure the memories and great music played in the last few months will be remembered for a long time to come.

Check out the set list, videos and great photos from last night below!

Set list
Get Up Get Down
Gone Gone Gone
Man on the Moon
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)
Where We Came From
A Fool’s Dance
Lollipop mash up

Rap Medley

Please Come Home for Christmas

Eleanor Rigby and Where We Came From

Phillip Phillip  Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillip  Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillip  Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillips @ Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY Phillip Phillip  Barclays Center Brooklyn, NY

Photos by Robert Altman | Qromag

Phillip Phillips At The Q Lounge and FM 100 Memphis

Phillip Phillips‘ tour in support of John Mayer continues. His latest stop was  in Memphis, TN, where he visited the Q Lounge at Q 107.5 Radio and FM 100 Memphis. He used the opportunity to continue to promote Where We Came From, the third single from his debut album.

Never one to play a song the same way twice, Phillip jammed out with his guitar player Errol Cooney while casually sitting on the Q Lounge couch. He also played a couple of songs and did a short interview at FM 100 Memphis.

Check out the photos and the amazing performance at the Q Lounge below. And then check his interview and performance at FM 100 Memphis.

Where we came from (Q Lounge)

Interview | Where we came from | Gone Gone gone (FM 100) 

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Thanks: Q1075 | FM100