Phillip Phillips’ Acoustic Cafe Brings It “Home” In Hartford

Before singing his hit song “Home,” Phillip held a Q&A session with members of the audience. When asked if what he did for fun, he replied “My fun is on the stage right now.”

Another TIC listener asked if American Idol producers tried to change his style, and how he was able to stay true to himself. He replied

“They did try to change the way I wanted certain songs to sound, but I was able to say ‘No, no, this is the way I want the song to go.’ I was also able to work with the band.”

The crowd boomed with applause when Phillip finished his set with fan-favorite “Home.” After the show, Phillip posed for pictures with every listener. He appeared humbled when fans of the show gave him praise such as ‘You’re the man,’ ‘I love your style, stay you!’ and was grateful for a younger fan who said she stayed up “voting for hours to make sure you won!”

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