Phillip Phillips’ Summer Tour Brings on the Rain and the Jams

Phillip Phillips continues to make his way across the US as part of his co-headlining tour with Matt Nathanson. Though the tour started just a couple of weeks ago, there have already been plenty of memorable moments.

First, some very lucky fans in St. Louis, MO had the chance to see Dave Eggar on cello and keys when he joined Phillip and band for one very special night. Then, during their stop at Huber Heights, Ohio, Phillip and band debuted a new cover of “Lakini’s Juice” – the 1997 hit from band Live. This is another even heavier tune after the addition of Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” at the start of the tour. Earlier that same night, Phillip also joined Eric Hutchinson and Matt Nathanson for a cover of Prince’s “Raspberry Beret,” a fun and cool tribute to the late genius.

But perhaps most special of all was a rain soaked show a couple days earlier in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Phillip Phillips rocks the stage at White River State Park. Photo: Elijah VanDine.
Phillip Phillips rocks the stage at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN. Photo: Elijah VanDine.

The show was delayed a few hours due to rain and lighting, but when it finally happened, it was intense and beautiful. Unfortunately, the show had to be cut a little bit short due to the weather but Phillip promised all the Indiana fans he would be back to make it up to them all. The tour continues tonight in Hampton Beach, NH.

Phillip Phillips rocks the stage at White River State Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo: Elijah
Phillip Phillips rocks the stage at White River State Park in Indianapolis, IN. Photo: Elijah VanDine.

Check out some more spectacular photos (above) and some cool videos of the these covers below!

Photos by Elijah VanDine.
All videos by Jasmine.

Phillip Phillips in Fort Wayne, IN

Phillip did amazing concert in Indiana at Embassy Theatre last feb 12.
He also stopped by some radios to make a private show/m&g before the concert.

Phillip’ interview with 97.3 WMEE.

Phillip sang HOME for the listeners at the 97.3 WMEE

Photos: Phillip at WMEE Studio

973wmee's Phillip Phillips at WMEE album on Photobucket

Photos of Phillip at Majic 95.1FM

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Phillip concert at Embassy Center

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