Phillip Phillips’ Fall Tour Brings on the Magic

Phillip Phillips is set to be back on the road this weekend, after taking a short, but much needed break from his fall tour. On Saturday, October 18th, Phillip will play the first of three shows scheduled in Washington State, during his first ever solo visit to the Northwest. A couple of weeks ago, Phillip and the band played some great shows in Sioux City, Iowa, and Kansas City, Missouri. For some fans in attendance, those shows were quite magical affairs, as Phillip and the band were on a experimental mood that resulted in beautiful new jams and even the hint of a couple new songs or lyrics. Check out some cool photos and videos from the shows in Sioux City and Kansas City below!

And if you haven’t yet done so, check out all the dates from his fall tour and don’t risk missing Phillip and band when they come to your city!

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Videos and Photos by Sylvia Sly.
Follow the links to see the set lists at Sioux City and Kansas City.