Phillip Phillips Goes Back Home for Music=Change

It may have been one of Phillip Phillips’ most special shows to date, and for more reasons than one. Last Friday Phillip performed as part of Music=Change, a fundraising event for Mission Change, a non-profit organization that promotes deep community change from “your own backyard.” Based in Albany, GA, Mission Change was co-founded by Phillip’s own sister La Donna Urick, so Phillip’s contribution to the event was truly fitting and special. The fundraising concert featured a number of local bands in addition to Phillip, and helped highlight some of the organization’s accomplishments in the community.

The event also marked Phillip’s first home town performance since his Home Town visit during Idol back in 2012, which meant that Phillip played not only for fans and supporters of Mission Change, but also for many of his friends and family. For the special occasion Phillip brought along his acoustic guitar duo partner Errol Cooney, who helped him play a amazingly passionate set for the 2000-plus audience.

Click here to learn more about Mission Change.

And if you haven’t yet done so, check out Phillip and Errol’s incredible acoustic set below.

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Videos by Lea P.
Photo credit: Albany Herald