Ryan Seacrest’ interview with Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips called in to “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” on Tuesday from the airport in Charleston to talk about his new single “Home” being used during the Olympics coverage, the “Idol” tour, the romance between Jessica Sanchez &DeAndre Brackensick, and what he thinks of Mariah Carey’s new gig as an “Idol” judge.

On Mariah Carey Being a Judge On Idol:

I’m interested to see how she is going to be judging. It’s probably going to be tough to get around her.

On Jessica Sanchez & DeAndre Brackensick:

The “Idol” alums recently confirmed that they are a couple. “We were all kind of surprised,” Phillip says. “Hopefully, it keeps working out for them. They seem like they’re in love whenever we’re around them. They’re just always holding hands or something. They seem like they love each other.”

What Has Phillip Been Up To Since Idol?

Just been working hard and not really stopping.

On ‘Home’ Being Featured For The Olympics:

I actually saw it on a promo the other day on the commercial. I thought that was really cool. So, it’s pretty amazing and it’s an honor for them to use it. There has also been talk that Phillip’s song may be used in some films as well. Hopefully it goes through, that would be really cool. It would be pretty weird going to see a movie and then my song comes on.

On “American Idol” Tour:

It’s going well. We’re just going to a new city almost everyday. It’s really cool to see the different cities, for me anyway, because I’ve never been to this many places. It’s just really cool to see the different types of crowds that we play for. We’re having fun and we’re just enjoying the ride while we’re on it.

Phillip Phillips is out on tour with the “American Idol” team and “Home” is available on iTunes. You can check out the video HERE.

Credits: ryanseacrest.com