It’s Phillip Phillips’ Summer and We’re Here for It

Phillip Phillips’ new album Drift Back, is coming out in a mere 12 days on June 9. His first in 5 years, the album will also be the first since becoming a dad and going through the global trauma of the pandemic. 

In preparation, Phillip has been ramping up in activities, releasing 4 songs from the album in 4 months, “Dancing With Your Shadows,”  “Love Come Back to Me,” “Before I Loved You,” and “So Will I.” This is in addition to “Love Like That,” which he released in April 2022. 

He has not yet shared the tracklist of Drift Back, but this could very well be close to half of the songs on a full-length album.  

Overall, the themes of the songs have been about love, not the butterflies in the stomach kind, but the mature, complex relationships that test us and make us question ourselves and our love; the trials of relationships and the limitations of love. Moving and very personal, the songs naturally hint at the growth Phillip has experienced as a musician and a person in the last five years. 

Watch the videos for Dancing With Your Shadows and Before I Loved You.” Read our reviews of Dancing With Your Shadows and Love Come Back to Me.” 

As part of his promotional activities, Phillip has also done a number of interviews to announce his upcoming album. 

He talked to People Magazine in April in an exclusive, candid interview and appeared in the Songfacts Podcasts through a warm, long conversation. More recently, he appeared in a short, but great sit-down interview on ABC News. 

On May 10, Phillip also announced a four-date mini-tour called “The Drift Back Sessions,” going from June 15 to June 23, plus his debut at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville and a few other one-off shows. Check out the stops and dates (announced so far) on his official site here.

Phillip has also been doing a great series of videos on his YouTube channel, sort of like an extension of his Tik Tok videos. Check them out here if you haven’t or if you still haven’t made your way to that app (like me).

Finally, Phillip will be performing at this year’s Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC tomorrow, Sunday, May 28th.  The concert will be live-streamed on PBS’ website. You can watch it here!

It’s a lot to catch up to and we’re sure much more it’s to come from Phillip. We can’t wait for June 9th and what will surely be the summer of Phillip Phillips! What a time to be a fan!