Phillip Phillips’ Unpack Your Heart Video Is Here!

Phillip Phillips has finally released the video for his latest single from Behind The Light, “Unpack Your Heart.” Following on the steps of the gorgeous “Raging Fire” video, Phillip and team once again have used an unique concept to illustrate the song; the result is charming and full of magic.

The lyrics of “Unpack Your Heart” are some of the most beautiful from the album, a lover’s (or a friend’s perhaps) plea for openness, sincerity, for being true to yourself without fear: true love is about accepting somebody in all their complexities and contradictions. The song is also about letting go and the feeling of happiness and peace we feel when we have nothing to fear. And I think the video has really captured this, than when you “unpack your heart” magic happens indeed.

What do you think of the video? Watch it here and comment below!