Fans Review Phillip Phillips’ Collateral

If there’s one true fact about Phillip Phillips fans is that they are beautifully diverse: with a wide and eclectic musical taste, they come from many parts of the world and can be found among all age demographics and backgrounds. They are also true music lovers and passionate fans who have supported Phillip since the start, attending hundreds of concerts in the span of six years and welcoming all the musical exploration and risks Phillip has taken since the day he stepped in front of those judges on Idol. For the fans, the wait for Collateral was almost unbearable, but by all accounts and indications absolutely worth it. To celebrate this momentous release, we decided to ask the fans to review the album, one song at the time. We knew we would get some great responses, and we were not disappointed. From the haunting “Sand Castles” to the delicate “Part of My Plan,” to the full-on 90s rock “My Name,” fans are in love with Collateral and its magnificent depth and versatility. Some reviews were short, some funny and to the point, and some very moving. Almost everybody also told us how hard it was to pick just one song to write about. Here’s a review of Phillip Phillips’ Collateral by the fans.

1. Magnetic

“This song has such a good vibe to it. I love how the transition goes from slow that gets a bit faster. It is amazing. I also like hearing Phillip Phillips’ soft high pitch voice but, when really getting the emotions out, he uses his normal rough voice which brings so much more feeling out. The band really helps with this as well.” David

“Well…This, I can’t stop playing.” Unsigned

2. Part of My Plan

“Such an amazing melody! And the simple arrangement with which it starts, [with] Phillip’s gorgeous voice on the forefront. Then the harmony comes in and it gets even more beautiful! And it begins to soar… “keep on running home”…what a lovely sentiment. A very unique song, simple and elegant. Love it!” Elvan

“Part of My Plan” seems to be such an introspective piece. The lyrics describe finding strength amid fear and uncertainty. And, despite the introspection, they reach out to another when it would be so easy to continue the inward focus. They continue to an almost celebratory level of the music follows the direction of the lyrics (or vice versa?) in its delivery and intensity. The combination of lyrics and music weaves a whole fabric throughout the song, leaving the listener with a feeling of following the artist on a journey – from loneliness to the internalization of a need for another and a resulting self-fulfilling commitment to that person. Norma

“I believe this is a beautiful song about everything he’s been through in his life over the past four years. His true fans know this. It’s about Hannah, Izzy and being on the road. About knowing that being home with loved ones is the true meaning of happiness! ‘Gonna keep on running home…’ Masterful!” Unsigned

“Because I really understand what’s he talking about and I just feel it. It made me feel I mustn’t give up, here is that life after darkness… I feel the pressure of being alone in this song but I also [of] learning how to go in through it.” Mehrsa

3. My Name

“‘My Name’ is my favorite because it’s one of those songs that as soon as it comes on you want to crank it to the max and rock out while headbanging and playing your best air guitar. It’s one of those tunes that you can close your eyes and envision yourself front row at one of Phillip’s show singing along to every word as loudly as you can.” Tiffany

“It has an amazing vibe to it. You can feel Phillip jamming out without having to see him! I can’t wait to hear it live in Milwaukee and Chicago!” Susan

“It’s a Jam! It’s a fun song to sing along to and I can’t wait to hear Phillip sing it live. I know I’m gonna lose my voice when that happens.” Tyler

“A great rocker that gets your body movin’.” Jim

4. I Dare You

“The lyrics are honest, the guitar is classic rock sexy, and the playout is so gentle and beautiful. Love its contrasting sounds and moods, and its build as it moves along – multifaceted tune!” Paula

My grandfather passed this summer. This song reminds me of the songs we used to listen to in his kitchen. When I listen, it brings me back to the days him and I would dance in circles round and round while I stood on his feet. I miss him dearly. Great New album PP! Nicole

5. Sand Castles

“‘It’s hard enough to heal the pain,’ and pain it’s what Phillip sings in this song. He touches my broken heart.” Carlos

“‘Sand Castles’ is one of the most gorgeous songs I have ever heard. It has so many beautiful layers to it. Phillip’s crooning and chanting adds to the already deep and haunting feel of the song. The writing is brilliant, and the lyrics are some of his best yet.” Sylvia

When I was 15 and my sister was 9 we took the bus to see The Beatles. What we experienced for the next 6 years shaped who we are today. We saw, especially John Lennon, not a musician but an extraordinary being we could never explain. A peace activist who mobilized people to spread his message using the media. Then we lost him and the world went dark. On seeing Phillip on Idol the first time, it was when he sang “Volcano.” I got those same vibes as I experienced with the Beatles. Listening to “Sand Castles,” much like “Tell Me A Story” or “Creatures,” makes me realize he’s no ordinary musician but a much higher entity. He takes us on a journey we can’t quite understand with this song. It is so overpowering it just sends chills. Rosemarie

“Can’t get it out of my head. […]It speaks to me like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” Connie

“It’s hauntingly beautiful with a dramatic build up to what I thought was going to be an abrupt ending, but, was given just a touch more before it softly faded away to the end. It took me on a journey that left me wanting more! The instrumentation at the end was beautiful! Love it!” Shelley

6. Don’t Tell Me

I think it’s one of the sexiest, most honest songs on the album. The song hits different emotions from lust, to remorse to just pure sassiness. Jen

“‘Don’t Tell Me’ is a playful rock stomp that opens with a funk jam similar to Phillip’s song intros at his live shows. Reminiscent of “Drive Me” from his debut The World From The Side Of The Moon, but more complex with a really cool bridge. Conjures feelings of being out with drinking buddies downing buckets of beer at a crowded local bar.” Kenny

7. Miles

“Just absolutely love this song. The lyrics play over and over in my head. I find myself humming and singing it after I hear it. Makes me smile!!” Unsigned

“Miles will always be my favorite because it speaks to me in a way! This song inspires me as I am too a songwriter myself. I actually first heard this song when Phillip was on tour with A Great Big World and Matt Nathanson in 2016! He played this song at the Pittsburgh concert I went too and I immediately fell in love with it! I actually knew all the lyrics to the chorus after he sang the chorus just once! Sierra

This is what you call love at first listen. We got to know this song before it was part of Collateral, first live and then as the first single from the album. I love everything about this song: the longing that just pours through the lyrics, the vulnerability in Phillips’ voice, and that sweet, amazing bridge (“Won’t you look at us…”). Listening to “Miles” within the album is equally powerful; it’s an irreplaceable piece of the perfect puzzle (in form, not content) that is Collateral. Andreina

8. Dance With Me

“This song is so beautiful. You can hear how much love he has for his wife. I absolutely love how Phillip ends the song, when the vocals are done and the music continues on. I feel it is Phillips’ way of dancing one more time with her. Love Love Love this song!” Dawn

Our only child, our daughter, passed suddenly in her sleep 12 weeks ago. She and I used to slow dance in the grocery store when she was young when a song we loved came over the speakers in the store. We just want to hold her one more time, dance with her one more time, hug and kiss her one more time. Dawn Bruce

9. Love Junkie

“Smoldering rock tune really bringing the heat. Think Lenny Kravitz with a swampy, sticky heat instead of LA glitz.” Kenny

“It’s hard to pick a favorite and it seems to change pretty quickly. This album has my emotions all over the place. Up and down and all around, Phillip takes me on a wild ride with Collateral. I can’t stop listening to it. “Love Junkie,” “My Name,” “What Will Become Of Us…” so many are my favorites!” Jasmine

10. Her Mystery

“’She’s a stone cut by the maker’s hands’ …What a beautiful deep lyric! I feel like this is a song about a wife, a mother or even someone passed. A woman who is very strong and has always been there for him. However, even though he doesn’t know or understand all her secrets, he still loves her deeply! “He will never reach Her Mystery” …. and that’s OK. Unsigned

11. What Will Become of Us

“This song is so relatable to so many things not only in personal life but our world today. It’s so simple, stripped down, and emotional. I wouldn’t be shocked if a movie or TV show used this song and it shot to the top of the charts.” Charlie

Picking a favorite Phillip Phillips song is rather like picking a favorite moment of a sunrise. Each are unique, beautiful, and move fluidly from one to the next. The entire does not detract from previous, and only heightens anticipation for future ones. I pick “What Will Become of Us” as the most intense moment/song, showcasing Phillip’s maturing emotional expressions, nuanced singing, songwriting, and collaboration with other artists. Take a moment and truly listen to this song. It will tug at the heart and threaten the most stoic with misty eyes. Unsigned

“This song speaks volumes to me as someone I love is going and it made me cry, no lies…The way he plays with his voice is so touching and thrilling.” Unsigned

“Trying to pick a favorite song from Collateral is like trying to choose your favorite child. Fortunately, I only had one child! I chose “What Will Become of Us” because it is the first song in all the songs that Phillip has recorded that brings me to my knees and makes me weep from the first note. However, every song is magnificent! Well worth the wait!” Cheryl

12. Into The Wild

“This song makes me emotional for some reason, even though it’s an upbeat song. It’s so pretty and I love what it’s about. If you’re in love with someone, you can relate so much and I love that.” Unsigned

“This song speaks to me about being young, alive and full of energy and so in love with your soulmate that nothing will separate you from each other.” Dawn

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Featured Photo: Jesse DeFlorio.

“Phillip Phillips in Niceto: Your Face is Familiar”

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REVIEW: Phillip Phillips – ‘The World From the Side of the Moon’

Here’s a great review of The World From the Side of the Moon written by Cameron Black from the SoCalMusicToday, worth the Read!

Phillip Phillips,  is set to release his debut album, The World From the Side of the Moonon November 19th. Phillips combines his impressive vocal presence with an array of backup instrumentation to arrange some fantastic songs full of great music and poignant messages.

“Man on the Moon” catches your attention immediately with a twangy southern guitar. Overall, the song features Phillips’s vocal range, and really accents the rugged tone that he sings with. Featuring a banjo, violin, and saxophone solo, the song has a classic country feel to it. I would really like to hear this song played live.

“Home” starts with some upbeat guitar picking and features some great harmonies to back up Phillips’s powerful voice. The song has a really positive message, “know you’re not alone, I’m gonna make this place your home.” I’m really happy to see bands today performing songs with messages of hope and comradery. The simplistic nature of this song, featuring drums, strumming guitar, and an impressive backup vocal section, will make this song undoubtedly successful to today’s happy soul.

“Gone, Gone, Gone” is a very sentimental song both vocally and in its musical arrangement. Phillips demonstrates his ability to evoke certain emotions in his listener by having this song build on itself with intense dynamics, a wide array of backup instrumentation, and a moving chorus featuring a brass section and spirituous backup vocals. I’m really impressed at the number of parts that were written into this song.

“Hold On” is another passionate song featuring dramatic rhythm changes and Phillips’s dynamic singing range. This song has a great groove to it, and is driven by a constant, simple kick drum. The contrast between the verses and chorus are what stand out in “Hold On”. It’s refreshing to hear so many instrumental breakdowns and featured non-vocal parts in these songs because it indicates that not only is Phillip Phillips a talented singer, but he is a passionate musician, as well.

“Tell Me A Story” has a very Mumford & Sons feel to it in regards the timing and where Phillips sits in his vocals. The chorus accentuates his vocal range and sends him from a low, soothing tone to a higher, passionate tone. “Tell Me A Story” is a song you can get lost in.  It’s full of space, and while the song has a lot of parts to it, they all complement each other and fit together to provide a very reflective ambiance.

“Where We Came From” changes up the mood of the album. The song is full of a certain attitude from the start, with blues accents from the strings and guitar to give “Where We Came From” a distinct flavor. The chorus is surprisingly different from the verse, and changes the attitude set up in the beginning. While this song is catchy and the verse and chorus are well written, respectively, I felt the two juxtaposed into one song was a bit too much of a change for me.

“Drive Me” opens with a very rock attitude. Phillips is heavily present in the song with a husky sound to his voice and well-timed accents and spacing in his delivery. There is a battered tone to his voice that gives him a sound reminiscent of Dave Matthew’s Band, especially when there is a great sax solo and a full vocal & horn section to back it up, as is present in “Drive Me”.

“Wanted Is Love” has a laid back feel to it, but it is a song full of passion. The song transitions from verse to chorus very dramatically, and the lyrics reflect the sentiment made by the music. I really enjoyed the emotions this song was able to convey both lyrically and instrumentally.

“Can’t Go Wrong” would definitely go on my next “Road Trip songs” mix. The song is fun and emanates a very happy feeling. Lyrically, “Can’t Go Wrong” reflects on the great feeling of being alive, “I can’t go wrong, as long as I remember where I’m from”. Stylistically, the verse has a low key, but powerful drive to it, and the chorus is in your face, but in the best way possible (and will have you singing along with it by the end).

“A Fool’s Dance” emphasizes something unique about Phillip Phillip’s sound. He uses his voice as a real instrument, delivering lyrics with varied rhythms and tones to match the style of the music. The song has a very dramatic feel to it, but it is also very light, presenting a precise and fragile “dance” that we sometimes do in our lives.

“So Easy” is a low-key folk rock sounding love song with a pop-infused chorus. The song sums up the album nicely, ending with an energy charged song with an overall relaxed sound.

The World From the Side of the Moon is a fantastic debut album by any standards. Phillip Phillips will appeal to a wide variety of fans given his age, lyrical content, powerful vocal abilities, and extremely talented back up band. The album explores a Phillips’s ability to sing in different styles, and really tests his range. After listening to this album, I am extremely anxious to see what Phillip Phillips puts out in years to come.