American Idol Peers To Phillip Phillips: We’ll Take Care Of You!

Phillip Phillips only has a few weeks to recover from his grueling surgery until he has to be back on the road again for the American Idol Live! tour. But not to fret– Philly Phil’s fellow Idol pals tell RumorFix that they’ll be watching over him!

Season 11′s second runner-up Jessica Sanchez tells RumorFix exclusively:

“We’re all a big family. Brothers and sisters. We take care of each other. So when he gets back we’re gonna be taking care of him. It’s nothing like ‘Oh, we haven’t seen you so were not gonna pay attention to you.’ It’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, you’re back! We’re gonna take care of you!’ We’re a big family, were really supportive of each other.”

Skylar Laine tells us that Phillip, who underwent surgery two weeks ago to remove troubling kidney stones, is recovering great. She tells us:

”We’re really proud of him. He’s doing really good. He’s doing his part”

But Heejun Han is approaching the situation with a little tough love telling RumorFix:

“[The others] will take care of him, I won’t. I don’t really care.”

Credit: rumorfix