New single, new album, married life and much more – Part 1 of our Exclusive Interview with Phillip Phillips

The first thing that you notice on meeting Phillip Phillips is his kindness. Pretty soon though, his easy humor and cool and calm attitude also become very apparent. These are all qualities that may surprise the fans that have gotten used to seeing Phillip’s passionate and fiery performances on stage. What they also hide is a steely determination and work ethic—the same determination and work ethic that led Phillip to fight one the most difficult battles of his young career. The legal saga in which he was immersed for the better part of that period is now public news, when in early 2015 he filed a petition to be released from his contract with 19 Entertainment. Needless to say, the last three years have not been easy for Phillip Phillips.

Much less known is how he managed to overcome such difficult challenges and remain positive and creative through it all. Marrying his long time girlfriend Hannah Blackwell in October 2015 was part of it, but so was forming new musical collaborations and friendships that helped him push beyond his self-doubt and the crippling weight of his personal situation. With his new single “Miles” now out in the world, Phillip is ready to start a new phase of his life, both personally and professionally. If for the fans it was the long awaited return of Phillip to the airwaves, for him and his wife it was a celebration; a release from a situation that seemed to put their life on pause.

Phillip on married life
“Married life is good, she still likes me, which is good. We can’t really complain. We’re best friends. We pick on each other but it’s all in the best of ways…She picks on me a lot and keeps me very humble.”

On taking things easy now that the new music is out
“It’s almost like why rush too much right now when we don’t have to? It’s been three years, so there is no rush in that… is just trying to do right decisions.”

Phillip, who is wrapping a long summer tour across the US, took some time off to talk to us about “Miles,” share some insight into the last three years, his creative process, and how he keeps an emotional connection to the music on tour. It was the thrill of a lifetime for Pam and I to talk to Phillip and we want to thank him and his amazing team for making it happen. Watch Part I of our conversation with Phillip below.

On working on music videos
“I like music videos. I like getting creative with them but then also it takes a lot of money to get really creative with them so I’m like “Umm, let’s just do something simple.”

On playing music for a living
“It’s just having fun. I get to do this for a living, I can’t really complain too much. I get to play guitar, it’s the most childish thing…I still feel like a kid.”

Part I