Phillip Phillips Goes Back Home to “Idol,” Sets Our Souls on a “Raging Fire”

The theme was “Home” and Phillip went back home to the Idol stage tonight to debut his new single “Raging Fire.” Since it’s release on Monday, “Raging Fire” has earned rave reviews from fans and critics alike for its anthemic lyrics, beautiful strings arrangement and Phillip’s intense, heartfelt vocals. Though Philip has confessed many times that he “hates live TV,” his and the band’s performance tonight were flawless and a fantastic showcase for the song.

This performance on Idol marks the start of another busy year for Phillip, who will kick off his first Canadian Tour this Saturday, March 8,  in Halifax, Nova Scotia. So keep checking us out as we follow PP and band for the duration of the tour! And check out Phillip’s performance of “Raging Fire” on idol tonight!

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