Phillip Phillips Hard at Work Recording His New Album

Just over two years after releasing Behind the Light, actual recording sessions are happening for Phillip Phillips‘ third album. Phillip has shared the news over several social media posts and has revealed that guitarist Errol Cooney is back doing some recording for the album. Errol has been busy with his own band, Legally Blynd, and playing with Steve Wonder during his Songs in the Key of Life tour last year. But it wasn’t only Errol who put some time in the studio this week, the entire band was there as per their own posts: drummer Jason JT Thomas, bassist JJ Smith, and keyboard and organ player Bobby Sparks. No news yet if Dave Eggar, one of Phillip’s main collaborators, will contribute his cello and string arrangements this time.

It would be a huge understatement to say that fans are excited about these news; Phillip has been quietly writing for several months now but has revealed little details about a possible release date, collaborations or sound. We do know that Phillip has been writing a lot in Nashville and has possibly brought in a few new co-writers to contribute on the album. The only new music we have heard from Phillip since the release of Behind The Light was “Dance with Me,” the song he wrote for his first dance with his wife Hannah during their wedding last fall. Will this song appear on the album? Will the same production team and label be back? Will previously unreleased songs make it this time? So many questions, so few answers!

In the meantime click here to check out Phillip’s US tour dates with Matt Nathanson; the first show is on June 17.

We are obviously not the only ones excited!

Thumbs up! #PPLP3

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Tracking some bass and drums! These guys are awesome. #beasts #3

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