Phillip Phillips’ Instagram Live – Songs From the Living Room

There is no question that these are unprecedented times. A pandemic has been declared and millions of people around the world have been asked by public health officials to stay at home to help “flatten the curve.” The situation is serious and the uncertainty high.

Still, people are coming together more than ever to support each other, including many artists who have started to stream shows from their homes to bring some cheer and encourage everybody to do their part by staying at home. Not surprisingly, Phillip Phillips quickly joined other musicians and artists by doing a short Instagram Live show from his living room. It was very sweet and special, with his wife Hannah and four month-old baby Patch as his audience.

Phillip played three songs, including “Dance With Me,” which he dedicated to all those whose weddings have been delayed and postponed due to the pandemic. The mini-show was a bright spot in what have been difficult and alarming days, and for this fan, it was as comforting as visiting a family friend. Thank you so much to Phillip and Hannah for giving us a bit of their time and music.

Take a look at the full Instagram Live video below.

Finally, please continue to listen to your local public health officials, read trustworthy news, stay home, and continue to support each other via FaceTime, text, phone calls, Skype, emails, etc., and find ways to help those who need it most right now, our elderly and vulnerable. We may be physically apart, but we are all together in this and we will pull through.  Sending a big virtual hug, Andreina and Pam.

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