Phillip Phillips Is ‘Pretty Confident’ He’s Ready For Tour

After undergoing kidney surgery, Phillip tells that he’s tour-ready and reveals what he’s been up to since his surgery! Plus, the ‘AI’ winner tells us who his dream ‘Idol’ judge is!

Phillip Phillips, who fellow American Idol alum Hee Ju Han describes as “a strong guy”, battled health issues all season long before going on to win the title. TheIdol winner recently underwent surgery to repair his damaged kidneys and he updated on his recovery!

So, how has Phillip’s recovery been going?

“I have been laying in a bed, so I haven’t done much,” Phillip explains.

“I have been resting and recovering. I’ve been going crazy with the four walls surrounding me.”

But just because Phillip has been in bed doesn’t mean he’s not doing anything — he’s been writing music!

“I wrote a song with David Ryan Harris I really like. Most of the ones I have written is just me but I would like to write with Rob Thomas, he is one of my favorites,” the American Idol winner said.

We can’t wait to hear what Phillip’s written!

As far as the tour goes, Phillip is “pretty confident” that he’ll be ready in time! He told us,

“I have been recovering and practicing. I think its going to go well.” We’re so glad that everything has worked out for the talented singer!

Also, Phillip shared who he would love to be a judge on American IdolKate Beckinsale! We don’t know if Kate has the musical background to qualify for a judging position, but she’d certainly give the contestants something nice to look at!

Credit: hollywoodlife