Phillip Phillips visit Georgia

Sonya Sorich (from Ledger-Enquirer) chatted with Phillip Phillips for a little bit when the “American Idol” tour stopped in Duluth, Ga., on Aug. 5.

Phillip, who won the 11th season of “Idol,” hails from Leesburg, Ga. This was pretty much his closest thing to a “hometown show” on the “Idol” tour. In fact, at one point in the concert, fellow “Idol” contestant Colton Dixon said it was good to be in Phillip’s hometown. Leesburg isn’t exactly close to Duluth, but I’ll let that one slide.

In this video, Phillip discusses being back in Georgia and the boost his single “Home” got from being featured on the Olympics.

Phillip rode at Vicki Humphrey Training Center in Canton on Saturday, he said on twitter.