Phillip Phillips Live at AOL Sessions

Phillip hit AOL Music’s New York studio for an exclusive acoustic Sessions performance. It was just Phillip and his guitar for the stripped-down showcase of brand new tracks off his just-released debut album, The World From the Side of the Moon.

You had a crazy health ordeal throughout the duration of the show with your kidneys and underwent eight surgeries while filming. How did you manage the pressures of the show, performing night after night, and going in and out of the hospital on top of all that?

Honestly, I have no idea. I guess I wanted it pretty bad. I just wanted to keep playing music. I had the opportunity to show people out there what I had to offer and, you know, I just kept making it through and I didn’t want to give up. There were a couple times where I went to them and I was, like, “I have to get out of this. I have to go get fixed up.” Because, it was just getting that bad. But, I had doctors and family and friends and everybody — even the contestants. They would help out and make sure I got enough rest. They kind of the changed my schedule a little bit, because they wanted me to keep going. I wanted to keep going, but it would get tough at times. I had a lot of good people looking after me.

That’s interesting, because Kelly Clarkson, who was the original “Idol,” recently revealed that she had a really tough time on the show because she felt that no one was looking out for her and everyone was just looking out for the show.

You know, it’s a great show. And you learn a lot of things through it. And there are times, you know, when the show needs to go right and there are times when people do look after you. She was the first one. So I’m sure her year was very, very crazy. There are things going out of whack, they’re trying to figure out how they’re going to film things. So, I don’t really know how it was for everybody back in her season, but my season, I kind of held my own. And I also took in the help whenever it was needed.

Your experience on “Idol” ended up playing into the title of your debut album, The World From the Side of the Moon.

Yeah, I was just watching videos of myself. Somebody gave me a DVD of the whole season — or two or three DVDs. And I watched myself from the beginning all the way to the end. I just got of glimpse of it and it was just pretty cool how much I grew as a person and also as an artist. The title represents me watching myself from this whole other world that nobody really knows about.

What is the biggest difference you see from who you were at the start of the show and who you are now?

Oh, man. I’ve learn a lot, as much as I can, about being on camera. Trying to do my best not to mess up or sound weird when I’m talking! The show just teaches you so much. Doing interviews, live recordings where you can’t mess up — even though I messed up on the show all the time. I just tried to cover it up with some other lyrics that I would make up, or other chords!

Your debut single “Home” has really touched people. Can you share a story from a fan who told you your music helped them get through a difficult time?

There’s a girl that is from my home state, Georgia, and she actually came to “Idol” and she had come backstage. She was from Make-A-Wish. Her name was Summer. She was like 17 or 18. She was young, and she had cancer. So we just got to know each other through the short time we were together. She kept telling me how much she likes me on the show. And then after the song came out, I heard that she really loved the song and everything; I heard from her mom. And then not too long ago she wasn’t doing too well and I sent her a video and I heard back from her friends that she said it made her day and she really loves the song. She listens to the song all the time and it’s really helped her out through so much. But, you know, she just passed away. So just to hear that, that the song really helped her out, it was just awesome.


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