It’s Phillip Phillips’ Summer and We’re Here for It

Phillip Phillips’ new album Drift Back, is coming out in a mere 12 days on June 9. His first in 5 years, the album will also be the first since becoming a dad and going through the global trauma of the pandemic. 

In preparation, Phillip has been ramping up in activities, releasing 4 songs from the album in 4 months, “Dancing With Your Shadows,”  “Love Come Back to Me,” “Before I Loved You,” and “So Will I.” This is in addition to “Love Like That,” which he released in April 2022. 

He has not yet shared the tracklist of Drift Back, but this could very well be close to half of the songs on a full-length album.  

Overall, the themes of the songs have been about love, not the butterflies in the stomach kind, but the mature, complex relationships that test us and make us question ourselves and our love; the trials of relationships and the limitations of love. Moving and very personal, the songs naturally hint at the growth Phillip has experienced as a musician and a person in the last five years. 

Watch the videos for Dancing With Your Shadows and Before I Loved You.” Read our reviews of Dancing With Your Shadows and Love Come Back to Me.” 

As part of his promotional activities, Phillip has also done a number of interviews to announce his upcoming album. 

He talked to People Magazine in April in an exclusive, candid interview and appeared in the Songfacts Podcasts through a warm, long conversation. More recently, he appeared in a short, but great sit-down interview on ABC News. 

On May 10, Phillip also announced a four-date mini-tour called “The Drift Back Sessions,” going from June 15 to June 23, plus his debut at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville and a few other one-off shows. Check out the stops and dates (announced so far) on his official site here.

Phillip has also been doing a great series of videos on his YouTube channel, sort of like an extension of his Tik Tok videos. Check them out here if you haven’t or if you still haven’t made your way to that app (like me).

Finally, Phillip will be performing at this year’s Memorial Day Concert in Washington, DC tomorrow, Sunday, May 28th.  The concert will be live-streamed on PBS’ website. You can watch it here!

It’s a lot to catch up to and we’re sure much more it’s to come from Phillip. We can’t wait for June 9th and what will surely be the summer of Phillip Phillips! What a time to be a fan! 


Exclusive – Phillip Phillips Talks to PhillPhillcom – The Year in Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Any way we look at it, 2020 has been a challenging, life-altering year. It would be difficult to imagine a family, a business, or a part of the economy that has not been deeply impacted or even changed forever because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Being very much a touring musician, Phillip Phillips was not spared from the catastrophic effect of the pandemic on the entertainment and the live music industry.

So missing his music very much and wanting to check on him, we asked Phillip if he would agree to sit down for a conversation about the year that’s been. Well, Phillip said yes, and below is the result!

Touching everything from the realization that the year would not go as planned, to embracing the freedom the lockdown gave him to be a full-time husband and dad, to some of his newest hobbies, we discuss it all.

So sit down, get a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of wine, and enjoy this early Christmas gift from Phillip!

As always, Pam and I want to thank Phillip for agreeing to talk to us and being so generous with his time and his stories.

Phillip Phillips Sits Down With PhillPhillcom to Talk Collateral and the Magnetic Tour

For the best part of the last six years, Phillip Phillips has been on the road. And for the best part of those years, Phillip has toured with his wife Hannah Blackwell by his side. This year, his small touring family was expanded, when Phillip and Hannah decided to bring their beautiful boxer Izzy to join them on the 43-stop Magnetic Tour.

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Q-and-A with Phillip Phillips

Grand Canyon University student Ashley Romantic sat down with Phillip Phillips before his concert at GCU Arena Saturday night to talk about his music, faith, advice for college students and, of course, how to get your Lopes Up.

Q: Tell us about your album “Behind the Light.”

A: I think it’s got a little bit of everything to it. It’s got some funk, a little bit of soul, rock, a little jazz and pop. I think it’s good. It’s honest. I only have two albums out so it’s definitely my best work so far. I am starting to work on my third one right now and am really excited. It has some cool, kind of weird stuff happening, but I like it like that.

Q: I am sure everyone out there will think it’s really good.

A: Not everyone, there’s always somebody who thinks it’s not good, but that’s just people you know. As long as my mom and fiancé like it, that’s what counts.

Q: I understand it’s geared more toward a concert setting. Is this the most fun you’ve ever had on tour?

A: Yes. I was touring last year. This year I am writing a lot more, doing shows here and there kind of like this one, more like one-off shows. But every time I get to play the songs, especially when I was debuting and doing the tour, it was a lot of fun. It’s easy to get them live. As my band played on, we just changed up stuff, added some jam in and other musical parts. It’s always fun and it’s always evolving. I definitely wanted to represent that live setting, live show and that is what I am working toward on the third one. You always want to keep them different, and when making a song for the album you want to make a song and not just a jam. And when you play it live, that’s when you have fun and get crazy.

Q: Do you play university settings often? What are your impressions of GCU and GCU Arena?

A: It’s very beautiful. It’s definitely one of the cleaner arenas I have ever seen. This campus is great. My first headlining tour, all I did was college dates and it was a lot of fun. You build those fans with people similar to your age.

Q: You get the crazy college kids.A: Yeah, are they crazy here?

Q: Well, we go to Chapel so we are mellow, but we do get crazy.

A: We’ll go to church tonight, then!

Phillip-Phillips.014_webQ: So what was your school experience like? Were you more the excited and anxious type or were you dreading it?

A: Ah no, I always hated school since I was kid. When I was going to college, too… What I was studying, it was something I didn’t want to do for the rest of my life, so that made it miserable. If you are going for something you enjoy, I am sure it is a lot more fun. It’s still hard work.

Q: What role does faith play in your life?

A: It plays a big part. I grew up in church. Ever since I was a kid, my mom played the piano and sang. My Poppa, my grandfather, he led worship when I was a kid. He has a deep voice, and now he sings a little quieter. My dad would sing sometimes, and both my sisters sang in church at a young age. I didn’t get into music until I was about 14. I was into my music, but I didn’t pick up the guitar until I was 14. I grew up on the hymns. I was writing this week with my band — a few of those guys play in church sometimes when they are home — and I started signing some hymns, and they were like, “Oh yeah, Phil, we didn’t know you knew that.” And I was like, “Oh yeah, I grew up learning all those.” All my friends went to a more contemporary churches, singing more David Crowder type of stuff. I love David Crowder, it’s an incredible band. I was singing “Old Rugged Cross” or “Victory in Jesus” type stuff. Faith plays a role every day. Anyone who grew up religious, even if you get away from it, it always comes back to you in some way or form. I try to keep living right every day. Sometimes you don’t do it right, but that is what learning and life is all about.

Q: The audience tonight is filled with young people chasing their dreams. What words of advice can you give them?

A: Don’t mess up (laughing).

Q: That’s good advice.

A: Aim to do something you love and enjoy – that’s really the biggest thing that counts. Money doesn’t buy happiness. It can buy you fun things sometimes, but in the end, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing… I’ve met a lot of miserable people that don’t like doing what they are doing and that is not a fun place to be. Like I said, I was going to college for something I didn’t want to do and I was miserable. Do something you love. If it’s music, if it’s technology, if it’s being a teacher, whatever it is, do it to the best of your capability. That is how I was brought up.

Phillip-Phillips.013_webQ: Now, “Lopes Up” is a thing we do here at GCU.

A: Is this like a hand signal thing? I saw a billboard about it. I didn’t know if it was a dog or what.

Q: It’s an antelope. If you do this (showing Lopes Up), you’ll connect with the audience right away. That’s my best piece of advice.

A: OK, I get nervous doing interviews — I am nervous right now — but I will try and remember it. My mind starts racing once I get up on stage. I’ll either do it right when I go out, or sometime during the show, when I’m like – “I need to do that.”

Q: I am sure you will see lots of people who will join in. If there are 7,000 people out there, and you do Lopes Up, you’ll get 14,000 hands up in the air. It’s what they teach you Day 1.

A: Sweet… If they are not into the show, I’ll do this (Lopes Up) after every song.

Source/Thanks: GCU Today 

Phillip Phillips Talks New Album, Pre-Performance Nerves

Fox News talked to Phillip Phillips before his performance last Sunday at the Super Bowl. In the interview, Phillip talks about his pre-performance nerves and reveals more details about his new album.

Before his big show at the Super Bowl, Phillip was in New York for a few weeks working on his much anticipated second album. He has shared few details, but we know through recent interviews that it will likely be out in May and that it will have a “heavier, darker” sound. It’s not much, but we certainly like the sound of that!

Check out Phillip’s interview with Fox below!


Phillip Phillips Does Idol Blitz Q&A

Phillip Phillips recently participated in a special Q&A session hosted by American Idol. The “Idol Blitz” Q&A series took place last week in preparation for the launch of Season 13 of the show and helped to celebrate past Idol winners. Phillip answered questions and chatted with fans via the American Idol Facebook page.
Take a look at the entire Q&A session below!

Erika Houser Hey Phillip! I was fortunate to be in Baltimore when you & John Mayer performed Old Love together? Did you guy rehearse that? Or was it spur of the moment?
Phillip Phillips spur of the moment 

Lenny Lacey Really No questions, But we love your music.. Keep it up young man 
Phillip Phillips Sweet thanks!

Tiffany Sparks Would you ever consider playing the role of a zombie on The Walking Dead? #IdolBlitz
Phillip Phillips of course! 

Donnie Melton you were the answer on a jeopardy question last night dude
Phillip Phillips my buddy told me haha pretty cool

Kelsey Lodatto I just want to say ur amazing!!! I love your voice and I’m sooo glad you won… u deserved it… keep on goin!!!!
Phillip Phillips well thank you so much

Darla Harlas How do you find your great musicians to play with you.
Phillip Phillips just blessed

Renee Wade How’s ur health coming along? Stay Blessed
Phillip Phillips Really good! Thanks for asking!

Terry Ann Hoehn-Stoll My question is how has his health been? I know he was having some kidney issues during his season and put off surgery to compete.
Phillip Phillips very good thank you!

Aimee Nicole Hi, Phillip! What music do You enjoy listening to in your freetime? Also, If given the chance to do your own rendition of any song from any artist, What would you choose? I only ark because I love your style of music. You can definitely hear your passion and emotion in it. I really think it would be more personal for your fans to hear too.
Phillip Phillips I like Fink, Eric Clapton and so much more.

Lori Pryor Truoccolo Did you just not love touring with John Mayer??? What an awesome tour! Loved seeing you in Virginia! Come back again soon…
Phillip Phillips Really amazing and will do

Stephanie Williams Favorite childhood memory?
Phillip Phillips too many of them

Isabelle Craft How long have you been playing guitar?
Phillip Phillips started when I was about 14 almost 15

Pam Arlint When are you coming to Kansas City?
Phillip Phillips I dont know but soon hopefully!

Taylor Reynolds What was your favorite part about being on idol?
Phillip Phillips making friendships

Dean Hebert Will you ever tour Louisiana?
Phillip Phillips Went and played in Baton Rouge with John Mayer this past winter. Fun place

Carrie Sterner What’s your favorite song right now?
Phillip Phillips snow patrol – lightening strike

Aleesa Jade Jewkes Ive always wanted to be a singer! How can I live my dream if Ive never had a shot before?
Phillip Phillips Dont stop working at it and love it

Kara Crampton How’s the road been treating you?
Phillip Phillips Very good! Love playing shows and jamming with the boys

Katie Cudnowski Summerfest in Wisconsin again???
Phillip Phillips Would love to!

Cathy Freeman What are you doing now?
Phillip Phillips In the studio

Edgardo Martínez How are you gonna keep from becoming commercial? Hahaha jk You are doing great, just stay original.
Phillip Phillips will do

Camila Mota Seron How was for you to play at Rock in Rio? For me, it was amazing to see you! XO XO Luv U
Phillip Phillips The best show I’ve ever played so far

Cadianne Morton What age were you when you started singing?
Phillip Phillips about 18 @american idol

Kele Kayli Have you ever thought of coming to South Africa? Your music is great..
Phillip Phillips Would love to!

Cadianne Morton Favorite Movie?
Phillip Phillips too many of them

Helen Avetisyan from who do you inspire?
Phillip Phillips so many artists

Linda Bush You and Luke Bryan are both from Leesburg. Do you you know each other?
Phillip Phillips We’ve met and he’s a really nice guy

Connie Jones you are awesome what is your comfort food
Phillip Phillips just about anything

Alison Day VanHoudt When can we expect to hear some new music?
Phillip Phillips Soon maybe

Adil Shah What is the biggest tip and secret u have for contestants of this year?
Phillip Phillips know what kind of artist you are

Cadianne Morton Favorite TV show?
Phillip Phillips Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

Anderson Junior What do you think about your brazilian fans?
Phillip Phillips amazing!

Linda Ludwar I find it amazing that I never tire of listening to your album. It’s always refreshing!
Phillip Phillips thats a good thing

Soraya Bruinen Will you do an european tour soon? Was expecting you at the john mayer tour, but you weren’t there 
Phillip Phillips I really want to

Tommy Geiger They have done this for all of them! You will be getting answers from an Idol asst.
Phillip Phillips na its actually me