Phillip Phillips At The Q Lounge and FM 100 Memphis

Phillip Phillips‘ tour in support of John Mayer continues. His latest stop was  in Memphis, TN, where he visited the Q Lounge at Q 107.5 Radio and FM 100 Memphis. He used the opportunity to continue to promote Where We Came From, the third single from his debut album.

Never one to play a song the same way twice, Phillip jammed out with his guitar player Errol Cooney while casually sitting on the Q Lounge couch. He also played a couple of songs and did a short interview at FM 100 Memphis.

Check out the photos and the amazing performance at the Q Lounge below. And then check his interview and performance at FM 100 Memphis.

Where we came from (Q Lounge)

Interview | Where we came from | Gone Gone gone (FM 100) 

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Thanks: Q1075 | FM100

Phillip Phillips at WIXX 101

Phillip Phillips visited the WIXX Studio 101 in Green Bay, Wisconsin during his tour stop at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay last Monday. He was there to perform the last show of his solo college tour before re-joining John Mayer’s Born and Raised Tour.  A small group of fans were treated to the intimate acoustic performance.

Phillips answered questions from the fans and played a short set. Take a look at our exclusive pictures and listen to the interview and the amazing performance below!

Gone Gone Gone

Where We Came From

Man on the Moon



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Thanks: WIXX
Photos by Sylvia G