Phillip Phillips Talks to 680 News

Phillip Phillips took some time to talk to 680 News in Toronto last week, right before his show at the Sony Centre of the Performing Arts.

The always gracious Phillip talked about what he has learned about the music business in the last two years, and what his ultimate goals are as musician and songwriter:  “It’s about lasting for a life time. I’m not trying to be of the moment, I want to write something that’ll be there for a long time. It may not be on the charts for a long time, but it still have a feeling that you can feel from today, from years ago or in the future.” He also talked about his upcoming new album and gave a little more insight into “Raging Fire,” which he described as a song about “wanting to feel those butterflies like you did when you first kissed” the person you love. I think fans may already be feeling those butterflies, but in anticipation of his new album!

Check out the full interview below.

Source: 680 News

Phillip Phillips exclusive acoustic performance for 92.5FM

Watch Phillip Phillips’ exclusive acoustic performance of his new hit single “Raging Fire,” shot live in the green room of Montreal’s Place des Arts for 92.5FM The Beat of Montreal.

11phillipphillips-selfie jpeg

Check out the interview and his performance below:


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Phillip Phillips Kicks Off Canadian Tour With Amazing Show in Halifax, NS

Phillip Phillips kicked off his first Canadian tour last night at the Darthmouth Sportsplex in Halifax, NS, and by all accounts, it was an unbelievable night that fans will not soon forget. The highly anticipated show drew long lines of fans who didn’t mind waiting in the cold to get into the venue.

The night got off to a great start with show opener Twin Forks, who got the crowd ready with an energetic and fun set, and was a last minute replacement for previously announced Dugas. But fans were there to see Phillip and his band, and when he finally took the stage, the all-ages crowd welcomed him with huge cheers.

Although this wasn’t Phillip’s first visit to Canada, this was his first ever appearance in front of Halifax fans. And when he asked everybody to stand up and dance, they were more than ready to show their love and appreciation by dancing, singing and cheering all night long.

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Phillip played a great set, opening with “Get Up Get Down,” “Drive Me” and “Gone Gone Gone Gone.” Phillip and the band then launched into a moody “Man On The Moon,”  one of the first songs of the night to include the extended intros and outros that have become a trademark of his shows.

Another amazing moment came when Phillip performed brand new single “Raging Fire,” which the crowd received with cheers and enthusiastically sang along to, despite the song having been released only a few days ago. By the time Phillip performed fan-favorite “Tell Me A Story,” he had the crowd transfixed by his sublime performance.

He ended the set with his “Let’s Get It On” intro and mega-hit “Home.” But the crowd was not ready to let him go and they clapped and screamed until he came back to the stage for a quiet encore. As he came out by himself, he treated the fans to a beautiful rendition of “Hazel,” a song he rarely plays live. He finally brought the band back and closed the night with his brilliant “Lollipop mash-up.”

There is no doubt this was an amazing start of the tour for Phillip and that he left his already adoring fans hoping it doesn’t take him too long to come back. Phillip’s next stop on the tour will be in Quebec City, where he will play a sold out show at the Grand Théâtre de Québec tomorrow.

Check out the full set list, videos and photos from last night’s show below!

Set list

Get Up Get down
Drive Me
Gone Gone Gone
Man on the Moon
Take me Away
Hold on
Raging Fire
Tell me a Story
Wanted is Love
Where we came From
Fool’s Dance
Lollipop mash

Gone Gone gone

Man on the moon

Hold On

Raging Fire

Tell me a story

Lollipop mash

Where we came from



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Phillip Phillips’ Canadian Tour – The Venues

Phillip Phillips’ Canadian Tour is only three weeks away. Needless to say, excitement is mounting, and not only for Canadian fans.

With a new album on the works, the Canadian tour could very well coincide with exciting news about a possible release date, or even more amazing, the actual release of a brand new single. This may be wishful thinking from us, but would not be out of character; so far Phillip has always found ways to surprise fans with unannounced album releases (iTunes Session), and impromptu performances of new, unreleased songs. One thing is for sure, Phillip’s first Canadian tour will be unforgettable for all Canadian fans, those that have been following him since the beginning and the new ones he’ll create along the way. We will celebrate this very special tour by following Phillip and his band from their first show in Halifax, Nova Scotia in the East Coast, all the way to Vancouver, on the Pacific coast.

During the tour, Phillip will play some beautiful venues across the country, but will also make a stop at historical Genesee Theatre in Waukegan, IL in the US. Take a closer look at the tour dates, cities and venues below.

[toggle header=”Opening show: Saturday, March 8, 2013″ open=”true”]
canada15Where: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Venue: Dartmouth Sportsplex
110 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, NS
Capacity: 3,500
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[toggle header=”Monday, March 10, 2014” open=”true”]
 Québec City, Québec
Venue: Grand Théatre de Québec (Salle Louis-Fréchette)
269, boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Québec, QC
Capacity : 1,875
Sold out show
See venue[/toggle] 

[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 11, 2014” open=”true”]

canada2Where: Montréal, Québec
Venue: Place des Arts (Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier)
175 Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal, QC
Capacity: 2,982
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[toggle header=”Wednesday, March 12, 2014” open=”true”]


Where: Ottawa, Ontario
Venue: National Arts Centre (Southam Hall)
53 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON (at Confederation Square)
Capacity : 2,323
Buy tickets[/toggle] 

[toggle header=”Friday, March 14, 2014” open=”true”]
canada4Where: Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
1 Front Street East, Toronto, ON
Capacity: 3191
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[toggle header=”Saturday, March 15, 2014” open=”true”]
canada13Where: Kingston, Ontario
Venue: Rogers K-Rock Centre
1 The Tragically Hip Way, Kingston, ON
Capacity:  5,380
Buy tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Sunday, March 16, 2014” open=”true”]
canada5Where: Hamilton, Ontario
Venue: Hamilton Place Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, ON
Capacity: 2,193
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[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 18, 2014” open=”true”]
canada6Where: Waukegan, Illinois
Venue: Genesee Theatre
203 North Genesee Street, Waukegan, IL (USA)
Capacity:  2,427
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[toggle header=”Thursday, March 20, 2014” open=”true”]
canada7Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Venue: Burton Cummings Theatre
364 Smith St., Winnipeg, MB
Capacity: 1646
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[toggle header=”Friday, March 21, 2014” open=”true”]
canada12Where: Regina, Saskatchewan
Venue: Brandt Centre, Evraz Place
1700 Elphinstone Street, Regina, SK
Capacity: 6,136
Buy tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Sunday, March 23, 2014” open=”true”]
canada8Where: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Venue: TCU Place
35 22nd Street East, Saskatoon, SK
Capacity: 2003
Buy Tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Monday, March 24, 2014” open=”true”]
canada9Where: Calgary, Alberta
Venue: Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
1415 14 Ave. NW, Calgary, AB
Capacity:  2,538
Buy Tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Tuesday, March 25, 2014” open=”true”]
canada10Where: Edmonton, Alberta
Venue:  Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
11455 87 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB
Capacity: 2,538
Buy tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Thursday, March 27, 2014” open=”true”]
canada14Where: Kamloops, British Columbia
Venue: Interior Savings Centre
300 Lorne St., Kamloops, BC
Capacity: 5,158
Buy tickets[/toggle]

[toggle header=”Friday, March 28, 2014” open=”true”]
canada11Where: Vancouver, British Columbia
Venue: Rogers Arena
800 Griffiths Way, Vancouver, BC
Capacity: 5,800
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Phillip Phillips Does Idol Blitz Q&A

Phillip Phillips recently participated in a special Q&A session hosted by American Idol. The “Idol Blitz” Q&A series took place last week in preparation for the launch of Season 13 of the show and helped to celebrate past Idol winners. Phillip answered questions and chatted with fans via the American Idol Facebook page.
Take a look at the entire Q&A session below!

Erika Houser Hey Phillip! I was fortunate to be in Baltimore when you & John Mayer performed Old Love together? Did you guy rehearse that? Or was it spur of the moment?
Phillip Phillips spur of the moment 

Lenny Lacey Really No questions, But we love your music.. Keep it up young man 
Phillip Phillips Sweet thanks!

Tiffany Sparks Would you ever consider playing the role of a zombie on The Walking Dead? #IdolBlitz
Phillip Phillips of course! 

Donnie Melton you were the answer on a jeopardy question last night dude
Phillip Phillips my buddy told me haha pretty cool

Kelsey Lodatto I just want to say ur amazing!!! I love your voice and I’m sooo glad you won… u deserved it… keep on goin!!!!
Phillip Phillips well thank you so much

Darla Harlas How do you find your great musicians to play with you.
Phillip Phillips just blessed

Renee Wade How’s ur health coming along? Stay Blessed
Phillip Phillips Really good! Thanks for asking!

Terry Ann Hoehn-Stoll My question is how has his health been? I know he was having some kidney issues during his season and put off surgery to compete.
Phillip Phillips very good thank you!

Aimee Nicole Hi, Phillip! What music do You enjoy listening to in your freetime? Also, If given the chance to do your own rendition of any song from any artist, What would you choose? I only ark because I love your style of music. You can definitely hear your passion and emotion in it. I really think it would be more personal for your fans to hear too.
Phillip Phillips I like Fink, Eric Clapton and so much more.

Lori Pryor Truoccolo Did you just not love touring with John Mayer??? What an awesome tour! Loved seeing you in Virginia! Come back again soon…
Phillip Phillips Really amazing and will do

Stephanie Williams Favorite childhood memory?
Phillip Phillips too many of them

Isabelle Craft How long have you been playing guitar?
Phillip Phillips started when I was about 14 almost 15

Pam Arlint When are you coming to Kansas City?
Phillip Phillips I dont know but soon hopefully!

Taylor Reynolds What was your favorite part about being on idol?
Phillip Phillips making friendships

Dean Hebert Will you ever tour Louisiana?
Phillip Phillips Went and played in Baton Rouge with John Mayer this past winter. Fun place

Carrie Sterner What’s your favorite song right now?
Phillip Phillips snow patrol – lightening strike

Aleesa Jade Jewkes Ive always wanted to be a singer! How can I live my dream if Ive never had a shot before?
Phillip Phillips Dont stop working at it and love it

Kara Crampton How’s the road been treating you?
Phillip Phillips Very good! Love playing shows and jamming with the boys

Katie Cudnowski Summerfest in Wisconsin again???
Phillip Phillips Would love to!

Cathy Freeman What are you doing now?
Phillip Phillips In the studio

Edgardo Martínez How are you gonna keep from becoming commercial? Hahaha jk You are doing great, just stay original.
Phillip Phillips will do

Camila Mota Seron How was for you to play at Rock in Rio? For me, it was amazing to see you! XO XO Luv U
Phillip Phillips The best show I’ve ever played so far

Cadianne Morton What age were you when you started singing?
Phillip Phillips about 18 @american idol

Kele Kayli Have you ever thought of coming to South Africa? Your music is great..
Phillip Phillips Would love to!

Cadianne Morton Favorite Movie?
Phillip Phillips too many of them

Helen Avetisyan from who do you inspire?
Phillip Phillips so many artists

Linda Bush You and Luke Bryan are both from Leesburg. Do you you know each other?
Phillip Phillips We’ve met and he’s a really nice guy

Connie Jones you are awesome what is your comfort food
Phillip Phillips just about anything

Alison Day VanHoudt When can we expect to hear some new music?
Phillip Phillips Soon maybe

Adil Shah What is the biggest tip and secret u have for contestants of this year?
Phillip Phillips know what kind of artist you are

Cadianne Morton Favorite TV show?
Phillip Phillips Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

Anderson Junior What do you think about your brazilian fans?
Phillip Phillips amazing!

Linda Ludwar I find it amazing that I never tire of listening to your album. It’s always refreshing!
Phillip Phillips thats a good thing

Soraya Bruinen Will you do an european tour soon? Was expecting you at the john mayer tour, but you weren’t there 
Phillip Phillips I really want to

Tommy Geiger They have done this for all of them! You will be getting answers from an Idol asst.
Phillip Phillips na its actually me