Phillip Phillips’ Promotional Showcase in Japan

Phillip Phillips traveled to Japan earlier this week to promote his debut album The World from the Side of the Moon, to be released there on August 19th.

As part of his promotional visit, Phillip played a small showcase for a few lucky fans at the popular Astro Hall in Tokyo. Phillip later appeared on the morning TV show Sukkiri to perform “Gone Gone Gone,” the single chosen to promote the album. The amazing Dave Eggar joined Phillip during both of these performances.

Take a look at Phillip and Dave playing at the Astro Hall showcase!

Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Astro Hall Showcase - Photo by Ayumi Photo: @toyodajunko Phillip Phillips before his performance on Sukkiri. Photo: @ntv_sukkiri Phillip getting ready to perform on Sukkiri TV. Photo: Phillip Phillips Photo: Phillip Phillips

Thanks Mari, Mary and Ayumi.
Featured photo by Phillip Phillips.

Phillip Phillips Performs At Super Bowl Pregame Show

Phillip Phillips fans got a little more than football from the Super Bowl today, they also got an awesome performance by Phillip and his band. The performance took place during the pregame show’s Tailgate Party. Phillip played a 45 minute set for a lucky crowd but only one song was shown as part of Fox’s Super Bowl pregame show. Phillip played Gone Gone Gone and besides his regular great band, he was joined by Dave Eggar on cello, a new drummer and a couple of new players on the horn section accompanying Philip Dizack on trumpet. It was a short but sweet performance; we wish they had showed more! Check it out!

Gone Gone Gone


GGG + Drive me

Get Up Get Down

Phillip Phillips At Walmart Soundcheck

Phillip recently visited the Walmart Soundcheck studio to do a very special performance and interview. Phillip, together with guitarist Errol Cooney, rocked the songs in another inspired performance.
[floated align=”right”]Setlist:
1. Man On The Moon
2. Where We Came From
3. Gone Gone Gone
4. A Fool’s Dance
5. Home[/floated]

During the interview, Phillip talked about his passion for performing live and the difference between playing with a full band or just acoustically with another guitar player. He also talked about songwriting and how he hopes the next album will be completely written or co-written by him.

Check out the wonderful videos right here!

Man on the Moon

Where We Came From

Gone Gone Gone

A Fool’s Dance


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On Playing Live 
[quote style=”2″]To me, if you can’t play a song live then there’s no point of putting it on the album. I like to change up the songs and make ’em different.[/quote]
On Writing 
[quote style=”2″]I’m all about the writing. I wanna have a connection with it so when I get up on stage I feel something towards it and I can go back and remember why I wrote it[/quote]
On How it Began 
[quote style=”2″]I picked up a guitar when I was 14 and fell in love with it. I had a little karaoke machine I would play CD’s or cassette tapes out of. I didn’t start singing until about 17 or 18 and that’s when it really inspired me to start writing.[/quote]
On New Fame
[quote style=”2″]I don’t know how to take it sometimes. I’m trying to figure it all out. I say it every night I’m just thankful for all the fans. I’d never be here without ’em.[/quote]

Source: Wallmart Soundcheck

Phillip Phillips At The RP Funding Theater

Phillip Phillips’ tour with John Mayer may be winding down, but he still found time to do a special interview and performance during his visit to the RP Funding Theater in Orlando, FL. During the interview, he shared amusing stories about life on tour and offered his advice to young aspiring musicians.

Phillips also played a couple of songs, including his newest single, Where We Came From. Playing with guitarist Errol Cooney, the duo once again wowed the small audience with their musicianship and amazing guitar arrangements.

Watch the interview and performance below!

Where We Came From

Gone Gone Gone

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Source: XL 106.7


Phillip Phillips At The Q Lounge and FM 100 Memphis

Phillip Phillips‘ tour in support of John Mayer continues. His latest stop was  in Memphis, TN, where he visited the Q Lounge at Q 107.5 Radio and FM 100 Memphis. He used the opportunity to continue to promote Where We Came From, the third single from his debut album.

Never one to play a song the same way twice, Phillip jammed out with his guitar player Errol Cooney while casually sitting on the Q Lounge couch. He also played a couple of songs and did a short interview at FM 100 Memphis.

Check out the photos and the amazing performance at the Q Lounge below. And then check his interview and performance at FM 100 Memphis.

Where we came from (Q Lounge)

Interview | Where we came from | Gone Gone gone (FM 100) 

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