Phillip Phillips talk holiday plans

Check out ‘Examiner’ interview with Phillip Phillips.

Q: What have you been up to since American idol?

A: Just been staying really busy and going on tour and getting off that and doing the album. The album is coming out soon, so staying busy promoting that, so it is just non-stop.

What are you favorite holiday traditions?

Eat. That is one that is a big tradition and one of my biggest hobbies. I like to eat a lot of food, so hopefully that happens a lot.

What are your plans for Thanksgiving then?

Actually probably hopefully eat a lot food…and I’ll be on the road promoting the album.

What kind of sound is on this album?

It’s a rock album. Its very diverse and eclectic. You know its got some funkiness going on and deep songs and kind of…well, you know it is a rock album.

What is the best thing you have ever gotten for the holidays?

I don’t know I have gotten a lot of great things. I have noticed that as I have gotten older all you get is clothes, so it is not really as fun…so I have gotten a lot of clothes the past few years. So that is nice, I guess.

So, what do you want for the holidays this year?

I don’t know this whole year has been a huge Christmas present for me. So you know, I really don’t know. My family has been asking, but I am already kind of thankful for what has happened this year.

What is your favorite holiday dish?

Man, definitely some turkey…dressing…green beans…

Are there any dishes you will cook?

Nah, probably not. I really don’t have too much time to cook and such…probably turkey?

What is your favorite holiday song?

“I’ll be home for Christmas”.

Source: Examiner