Exclusive interview with Frederick Williams, the ‘Sax Man’

I had the pleasure of interviewing Frederick Williams, the ‘sax man’, he played with Phillip in the studio the past few days. He’s a nice guy, I hope you enjoy this interview. Check out the interview and exclusive audio/photos/videos below!

PPOnline: When did you first start playing Sax?
 ‘First started playing when I was 12 At my dad’s church’

Who are your musical inspirations?
‘Musical Inspiration Mike Phillips’

What kind of music do you listen to today?
‘All kinds really jazz, soft rock and r&b’

Where would you most like to perform?
‘Madison Square Garden’

What hidden talents do you have?
‘Basketball and Video Games’

Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics?
‘Never really wrote any thing but like arranging and composing’

What is your most memorable show?
‘Me and Phillip played in Valdosta Ga at a party house lol..’

We know you have a band ‘G&S’ that Phillip performed with in the past, and recently you were in NY recording in the studio with him. Will you continue with your band G&S or will you be performing with Phillip on his new tour?
‘I started playing with G & S at Phillips Homecoming and really enjoy it but if Phillip wants me on tour Im going with him im sure they will understand’

We know you played with Phillip a few years ago, but how did it go in the studio with him the past few days?
‘Being back with Phillip and Ben felt just like old times no pressure just having fun playing music’

One thing you’d like everyone to know about you:
‘I m Glad Phillip is including me in his dream. I really thank him’

Check out Fred’ cover of ‘Home’. That’s beautiful!

Here is an exclusive version of Fred playing solo version of ‘Nice & Slow’
[mp3j track=”Frederic William – Nice and slow sax@www.pphillipsonline.com/wp-content/uploads/audios/FredericWilliam-Niceandslowsax.mp3″ flip=”y”]

Photos of Fred

Nice & Slow Cover Fred Williams playing with Phillip.

Phillip’s Homecoming




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