Phillip Phillips Interview with Mix105.1 fm

Scott McKenzie & The Morning MIX chatted with American Idol winner Phillip Phillips earlier today and covered all things Phillipp!  What’s he been up to after winning?  How’s he feeling?  What was the hardest part about being on the show?

Phillip Phillips told us that he wasn’t anAmerican Idol fan from the start and described it as “a really poppy show” for him to watch. While receiving criticism from the judges, he wished that they could have been a little harsher on him, but always enjoyed hearing Randy Jackson’s critique.  He would tell Phillip to “keep on doing your thing” and “not worry about what Hollywood has to give.”

Phillip Phillips surprised himself while on the journey to becoming the next American Idol. He told The Morning MIX that he remembers during Hollywood Week, he looked up previous winners and how many songs they had to perform in order to reach the finale and thought, “Man! That’s a lot of songs. I don’t think I can do that.”

Memorizing songs and putting his own spin on some of them in just a week’s time also shocked him on what he was capable of doing. Phillip described being on the show as “A lot of long nights, you know, nonstop.”

Some of his favorite performances included “Movin’ Out,” “The Letter,” “Superstition,” and “Volcano.”

One of his biggest challenges was actually choosing a song. He said that some of his song choices wouldn’t clear or they would only give the 7 contestants a list with only 10 songs that they could choose from and fighting for your song was difficult.

His new single is called “Home” and has soared up to the top of charts!  And don’t forget you can see him on the American Idol Tourright here in Orlando at the Amway Center on August 2nd.

Listen the interview:
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