Phillip Phillips performs at the Sony Centre in Toronto

Phillip Phillips has embarked on the final leg of his Canadian tour, which has taken him from Nova Scotia to Quebec, then to Ontario, Manitoba (via Illinois, in the US), and now Saskatchewan. Along the way, he has played some unforgettable shows for his many Canadian fans. Last Friday, Phillip performed at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto, one of three shows he played in Ontario. This wasn’t Phillip’s first visit to the city, and the Toronto crowd certainly worked to make him feel at home. Phillip and the band returned all the love and gave them an incredible show.

Check out some amazing videos and photos of Phillip’s show in Toronto last Friday.

Set list:

Drive Me
Gone, Gone, Gone
Man On The Moon
Wanted Is Love
Raging Fire
Tell Me A Story
Take Me Away
Get Up Get Down
A Fool’s Dance

Get Up Get Down

Take me Away

Raging Fire


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Thanks: Jackie Munroe | canfly172 | Erika Houser