New Design and Great New Features On Phillip Phillips Online

In the last few weeks, we have been working hard and doing some great changes to the site to make it an even better experience for the fans.

To start, the site now has a beautiful new design so you can find all the Phillip Phillips news, music, interviews, events, official store, and much more, very easily on the Home Page. Also, you can visit the “Galleries” page to see a gallery of great photos and a collection of videos from Phillip Phillips’ most recent performances. And on the “Phillip” page you can read a brand new bio and connect with Phillip on social media.
The best part is that the site is now responsive, so you can navigate on your mobile phone and tablets!

However, the most important new feature on Phillip Phillips Online is a whole new section specially created for Philatics. It’s a special community where fans can create their own profile, create groups, share photos or videos and simply connect with other fans.  It’s very easy to sign up and create an account, so don’t wait, just visit the “Philatics” page to get started! Those that become members of this special community will have access to very nice exclusive content such as wallpapers, contests and much more.

We hope you enjoy all the new changes and thank you so much for supporting this site!

The Phillip Phillips Online Team