The Wait is Almost Over: New Phillip Phillips Single Coming Soon

Though no official announcement has been made yet, Phillip Phillips let it drop casually during a show last week that the new single is coming very soon, as soon as in the next two weeks.

Phillip was answering a question from a fan during a Q&A and indicated that the new single would come as soon as August 11th. Naturally, no mention was made of which song has been chosen as the new single, though Phillip has been incredibly generous in sharing his new music; he has debuted at least seven new songs in the last several months. Of these songs, two stand out as possible picks: the sensual, slow burning “Magnetic” and the funky “Don’t Tell Me,” both frequently played at his shows this and last summer. Of course, it could be neither – highly possible – or a completely different one from the ones he has already shared with us and even a brand new song we haven’t heard before.

Regardless, this is huge news from Phillip, who has struggled behind the scenes in the last three years with a crippling legal battle to gain control over his music and career. Though he has continued to tour extensively, this is the first glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel for the fans – a new single means a new album is coming soon, as well as, we hope, many more happy touring days for Phillip.

Check out the Q&A video below (Bonus: Watch until the end for Phillip’s mindblowing cover of Hall & Oates’ “Maneater”).

Phillip’s tour continues tomorrow in Nashville, TN.
Thank you to Liss for the video.