Phillip Phillips Releases Video for Magnetic

The summer just got a little hotter – “Magnetic,” the first song from Collateral has received the video treatment. It’s been four long years since Phillip released a full concept video, the last one being the colourful fantasy of “Unpack Your Heart.”

The video picks up the red and black and the figures in silhouette of the album cover, and as it’s set in small club, it lends itself to the use of rich, deep colours and beautiful moody lighting. The video was shot and directed by Jesse DeFlorio (who photographed and designed the album cover and artwork) and Seth Iliff.

The storyline is simple: Phillip plays the song accompanied by his band in front of small audience and by himself in a sofa. This simplicity is appropriate since the song has a straight forward intensity that does not need much more to make it work on every level. The images of Phillip and the band and on his own are sultry, while cuts to beautiful flirty faces in black and white add some playfulness to the story. This song is deeply sensuous (just listen to Phillip’s amazing vocals) and this is Phillip’s most grownup video to date; it’s just gorgeous. “Magnetic” is the kind of song that you can sing along to for hours and now you have another reason to do it. One warning though: you may feel a little hot and sexy afterwards.

Check the video below! And also check all of Phillip’s upcoming summer dates and get your tickets before they’re gone!