Phillip Phillips 22th Birthday – Video Project

Hello Philatics around the world!
We are here to invite you to join us in this 2012 project for Phillip’s birthday! We want to make it great and worldwide, so do your best! =]

We’ll putting videos and photos together and make a beautiful video wishing a ‘Happy B-day’ to Phillip!.

If you choose to send photo:

• The photo must be with good quality – originality =)
• Try to take a good picture, then he can see you and see your art!

If you choose to send video:

• The video must contain only ‘video’ without ‘audio’, no music or talks, cause we’ll put a music on video.
• The video must have only 10 seconds (we’ll edit the video)
• You have to record your video in a place with good lighting =) showing your art.

How the send the stuff (video/photo):

• Send the photo/video to:
• Email Subject:  PP B-DAY

• Deadline to send your photo/video: September 16

If you send us more than 1 video/photo, we’ll choose the best one!
You can call your mom, dad, sister, brother, friends, dog, bird..and make a nice stuff! Let’s be creative to make a beautiful ‘sign/poster’.

We’ll make this beautiful video and And let’s show him our gift for his birthday! September 20
We’re counting on you to make this happen! Spread the project! :) Thank you! #PPBdayProject