Celebrating Behind The Light: Song of the Week 3 – Thicket

Perhaps no other song on Phillip Phillips’ second album Behind the Light is as unique and revealing of his inclinations a song writer as “Thicket,” our Song of the week 3. Buried deep into Behind the Light, “Thicket” is a complex, cinematic creation that feels like a world unto itself; a jewel of a song that became a fan favourite almost immediately after the album release.

Built around an intricate circular guitar riff Phillip had been playing as practice for months, “Thicket” is very much a signature Phillip Phillips song, one that favors rhythmic complexity, haunting melodies and deep and enigmatic lyrics. This is also one of the songs on the album where he has a solo writing credit.

The guitar riff is actually played first by the cello, which opens the song with a rapid, dizzying succession of notes. Drums come in but at half time, creating an immediate tension between the rapid riff and the more menacing, slower tempo of the rest of the strings and the drums.

As with most of the songs on Behind the Light, “Thicket” features a gorgeous string arrangement by Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer, Eggar playing the cello in it as well. And his contribution here is very deep, helping Phillip create the haunting, mysterious feeling that defines the song.

The lyrics are in the form of a story, a narrative painted in vivid images that look back in regret to a lost love, at what could have been. Brilliantly, the lyrics mirror the music and the music mirrors the lyrics, as the unresolved, circular melody comes back “around and round” during each verse.

Very “Phillips” also, is the way the lyrics are composed and sung, sometimes running longer than they should within a beat, turned then by Phillip into syncopated notes that keep us guessing and add one more layer of rhythmic tension and uncertainty. It’s dense and intricate, like a thicket indeed. As for the lyrics, many times I feel like trying to understand them is like trying to find shapes in the clouds, but Phillip has indicated in interviews that this song may be about how we sometimes are so focused on looking at the details, that we are blinded and fail to see the whole picture.

And in the end this is how “Thicket” feels, like a puzzle we’ve been building and we finally fit the last piece and the entire picture becomes clear. The revelation here seems disturbing, but also liberating and joyous and we hear it as all sections of the music, including Phillip’s vocals, go into an exhilarating crescendo, finally finding each other on the same tempo and hitting the same beat. It is as if the bird has finally flown out, and we have followed it, and find our way out too…

Check out some rocking videos of “Thicket” below. And take a look at some of the beautiful “Thicket” artwork submitted by fans for Phillip’s lyrics artwork contest last year.

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"Thicket" Fan Artwork by Sylvia "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Danni Allingham "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Tiffany "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Doreen "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Bonnie "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Megan "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Elita "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Becca "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Erika "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Erin "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Danielle "Thicket" Fan Artwork by Vickie "Thicket" Fan Artwork by @alwaysmeart

Celebrating Behind The Light: Song of the Week 1- Raging Fire

The one year anniversary of Phillip Phillips‘ second album Behind The Light is only a few weeks away. So we are counting down to the anniversary by featuring one song from the album each week until May 19, 2015!

We start the countdown with “Raging Fire,” the first single to be released from the album and the one that officially ushered Phillip’s new musical era after the spectacular success of The World From The Side Of The Moon.

Written by Phillip, Todd Clark, Gregg Wattenberg and Derek Fuhrmann, “Raging Fire” was released exactly a year ago on March 3rd, 2014. To accompany the release of the song, Phillip and team commissioned artist Rob Carmichael to design the single’s cover. The result was a striking image of superimposed profiles of Phillip over a fiery red and orange background. The image not only perfectly captured the essence of the song but of Phillip’s new visual style and sound: it was a departure from the naturalistic photos and images of the previous album, but one that still retained an iconic image of Phillip. Upon its release, “Raging Fire” also managed to seem both familiar and new, as it brilliantly fused a new heavier, rockier sound with the warm and anthemic qualities of Phillip’s two previous massive hits, “Home” and “Gone Gone Gone.”


Musically, “Raging Fire” is four minutes of pure, driving energy. It’s also a song of contrasts: a lush and warm string arrangement (by Dave Eggar and Chuck Palmer) against solid, rocking drums and Phillip’s striking, passionate vocals. The lyrics also move from the intimate to the epic, evoking a love that has been touched by time and is full of shared hopes, pains and memories.

Talking about the meaning of this song, Phillip has said that it’s about love, and about wanting to feel the same way you felt the first time you kissed the person you love. It is indeed a beautiful song about love, particularly long-lasting love, and about keeping passion alive in your heart in the name of all your shared hopes, pains and memories. More than with any other song, with “Raging Fire” Phillip shows that he is a romantic in the true sense of the word, somebody who dares to believe that passion (be it in love, music, art, life) is always worth fighting for. And as it’s always the case with Phillip’s music, the message rings absolutely authentic and true.

Check out the lyric and official videos of “Raging Fire” below. Also, let us know what are your favourite parts or lyrics from the song, or share your thoughts or art inspired by the song. Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

Phillip Phillips fans celebrate TWFTSOTM Anniversary


Phillip Phillips’ debut album, The World From The Side Of The Moon is one year old today!
Interscope Records is re-releasing the album along with a three-song Live EP recorded in the summer during Phillips tour in support of John Mayer.

In honour of the 1st anniversary of the album, and its special edition re-release, we decided to make a video to celebrate all its success.

Phillips’ fans are passionate about the album, so we asked them what their favourite song on The World From The Side Of The Moon was and why. We received many beautiful answers and we wish we could have used them all. Thank you to all the fans that contributed!

You can order the special edition of the album + three-song Live EP here.
Watch the video below!

Phillip Phillips fans celebrate TWFTSOTM… por PhillPhillcom

Surpresa para o Phillip Phillips no Brasil – Surprise to Phillip in Brazil


Olá Philatic,

O Phillip fará dois shows no Brasil, um em São Paulo no dia 19/09 e outro no Rock in Rio, dia 21/09.
E como a maioria dos fãs sabem, dia 20/9 é aniversário do Phillip, e ele vai completar 23 anos aqui no Brasil, claro que não podemos deixar de homenagea-lo nesse dia tão especial.

E para demonstrar o nosso carinho por ele, nós precisamos da ajuda de todos os fãs! Nas duas apresentações, levem balões brancos e após a última música (Home) iremos cantar ‘Happy Birthday’ para o Phillip.
Fiquem ligados, assim que ele terminar de cantar ‘Home’, todos levantamos os balões brancos e começamos a cantar parabéns para o nosso ídolo.

Repassem para todos os amigos que também vão ao show. Vamos marcar esse dia como algo especial, e assim ele sempre vai se lembrar do carinho que nós, fãs Brasileiros, temos por ele!

Projeto FanBook
Um dos presentes que iremos entregar para o Phillip, é o FanBook feito com amor e carinho por todos os fãs do mundo inteiro, contendo fotos e mensagens. Temos certeza de que ele vai amar ver o quanto ele é querido por todos nós!
Obrigada a todos que participaram desse projeto!



Hi Philatic,

Phillip will come to Brazil for two concerts, Sao Paulo 19/09 and Rock in Rio 21/09.
as you know Phillip’s birthday is 9/20, and he will complete 23 years in Brazil, so lets make this day a very special day.

To show our love to him, we need the help of all fans! In both concerts, after his last song ‘Home’, let’s show white balloons and sing ‘Happy Birthday to you…’.
Stay tuned.

Spread to your friends. Let’s mark this special day, let’s show him that we are special fans, Brazilian fans!

Fanbook Project
The fanbook is done with love and affection for all fans in the world, with photos and messages. I’m sure he’ll love to see how much he is loved by us all!
Thanks to everyone who participated in this project!

Thank you guys!


Philatics: Fanbook project!


As you know, Phillip is coming to Brazil in september and I’ll try to meet him and give him a ‘fanbook’ by Philatics.
It will be a beautiful project, and I need your help to make it happen cause this will be one fo Phillip’ birthday gift. =]

What you need to do?
You need to send me a photo of you (a special photo), with a sign, or a personal photo and a text in email.
The photos must be in good resolution for printing.

The fanbook will contain Philatic’s photos and messages by fans.

Send your Photo/message to: hi@phillphill.com

You can send a photo of your family, with your love, with your pets, photo with Phillip .. send the photo you want, be creative and send us a beautiful photo.
all the people who participate in this project will receive the fanbook in PDF format by email.

Thank you Philatics.

Deadline: 20/8/2013

Phillip Phillips Joins VH1 and Do Something.org to Promote Music Education


With music programs across the country at risk for being cut, American Idol winner Phillip Phillips has joined forces with DoSomething.org and VH1’s Save the Music Foundation to launch Band Together, a campaign to take a stand for music education—and they wantyou to join them!

The campaign is all about having fun and being creative, so the country cutie is hosting weekly challenges to help spread awareness. From pro choir members to shower singers, anyone can enter! Here’s how: once a week for six weeks, Phillip Phillips will post a fun and easy video challenge on DoSomething.org: stuff like “make a sound like this,” or “play a guitar chord.” You can participate in the challenge by uploading a video of yourself performing the action. A panel of experts and celebrity judges will evaluate the video and project entries based on creativity, use of social media, and overall participation. Each week the challenge winners will select a VH1 Save The Music school to receive a grant to save their music program!

The best part of getting involved? The winning videos will be mixed into a YouTube cover of Phillip Phillips’, “Gone, Gone, Gone.” The song will be distributed to local school boards, along with an advocacy message, in school districts where music education programs are at risk in the hope of fighting for more music education.

Check out the first challenge below and then check out DoSomething.org every week for more challenges!

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