Phillip Phillips Announces New Single “Raging Fire”


The wait for new music is almost over! Phillip Phillips announced on Tuesday the release of “Raging Fire,” the first single from his upcoming second album. Phillip tweeted a picture of the single’s cover accompanied by the words March 3rd…The news exploded on Twitter and Phillip quickly replied to a few fans to confirm it was the name of the new single and not the new album.

“Raging Fire” is a great suggestive title and the art cover, which reveals a completely different look from the Americana-inspired The World From The Side Of The Moon, is stunning.

With a red-orange background and superimposed mirror images of Phillip, it really could fit the “heavier” sound and “darker” mood Phillip has been hinting at. We are sure it’s going to be amazing and intense. One question that remains is whether “Raging Fire” is a collaboration between Phillip and another writer or writers or if Phillip will have sole writing credit for the single. At least we know we won’t have to wait too long to find out!

“Raging Fire” comes out on March 3rd.



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