Phillip Phillips releases 3rd single for his upcoming album, “Love Come Back to Me”

Special contribution by Thad Williams

Phillip Phillip fans were in for a pleasant surprise this past week when Phillip released the third single for his upcoming studio album just a week after the release of his latest music video. On March 7, Phillip announced that his new song “Love Come Back to Me” will come out that Friday, and it was definitely a strong choice to follow up his last hit with.

While only three songs have been released so far for this new album, it is clear from their subject matter that Phillip has a central theme in mind for this new collection: Love. With “Love Like That” focusing on the strong love one feels for the people in their lives, and “Dancing With Your Shadows describes the feelings of helplessness watching your loved ones suffer, “Love Come Back to Me” continues this motif by adding yet another unique perspective on this powerful emotion.

Instead of speaking to the people who hold our love, this song is written addressing Love itself, remembering a time when they were together and pleading with them to come back. The title itself is telling the personified “Love” to come back, but the lyrics throughout paint a picture of reminiscing on times so happy and pure that one questions if they were even real at all, and begging for those times to come back. Phillip is telling us that the feeling of loss can be so powerful when applied to loved ones that you seemingly fall apart when that love is no longer there.

The song predominantly features a lone guitar leading the melody, replicating the feeling of loneliness and isolation that one often feels in times like this. In the opening verses, Phillip talks about the troubled and tired emotional state he is in in the absence of what was once there. But despite the calm, quiet nature of the guitar during the verses, the chorus opens up with layered and echoed vocals, and instrumentation consisting of strong major chords. Almost as if there is hope shining through the ideas of hopelessness and the feelings of overwhelming loss.

The song also refrains from a traditional bridge, instead showcasing an instrumental break where all the melodies and sounds that were isolated before come together in a powerful sequence. This, just before repeating the chorus begging Love to come back so that they can experience the happiness they once had again.

After the final verse, Phillip repeats the line, “Was it even real?” a number of times as the instruments that were so prevalent just moments before fade out until it’s once again a lone guitar slowly fading out with Phillip’s vocals. Ending on a note that many of us have probably felt when thinking back on the loved ones we have lost. Thinking of times that felt so good and joyful compared to our present that we wonder how it ever could have been true.

On the day of its release, Phillip made a post about this new song saying it’s, “for everyone who is struggling with whatever is on their mind day and night… Just begging for a better day than the one you just had.” Something that most people today can relate to. But in spite of the negative feelings overwhelming you, Phillip then goes on to tell his fans, “It will get better. Don’t give up.” 

Phillip Phillips once again uses his songwriting and storytelling skills to show people that there is always hope, no matter how hard things may seem. From songs like “Home” showing that despite what troubles you may face, you can always find a place you belong, to “Can’t Go Wrong” reminding you that no matter what you’re going through, you can always succeed if you stay true to yourself, Phillip adds to his collection of inspiring messages with this song. 

“Love Come Back to Me” is a song meant for everyone who has experienced loss in their lives, reminding them that even though it’s hard to believe things could have ever been that good, there is always hope shining through the sorrow that things will get better one day.

While Phillip Phillips has yet to announce when his new album will be released, we can only hope that it’s soon. And with the songs we’ve heard so far, it’s safe to say that this could be Phillip’s most emotional album yet. 

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