Phillip Phillips Talks to 680 News

Phillip Phillips took some time to talk to 680 News in Toronto last week, right before his show at the Sony Centre of the Performing Arts.

The always gracious Phillip talked about what he has learned about the music business in the last two years, and what his ultimate goals are as musician and songwriter:  “It’s about lasting for a life time. I’m not trying to be of the moment, I want to write something that’ll be there for a long time. It may not be on the charts for a long time, but it still have a feeling that you can feel from today, from years ago or in the future.” He also talked about his upcoming new album and gave a little more insight into “Raging Fire,” which he described as a song about “wanting to feel those butterflies like you did when you first kissed” the person you love. I think fans may already be feeling those butterflies, but in anticipation of his new album!

Check out the full interview below.

Source: 680 News