My Name – New Phillip Phillips Song at Summerfest

Things are heating up quickly on Phillip Phillips 2017 summer tour. This past week Phillip was back at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI. The event was a highlight of Phillip’s summer tours in 2013 and 2015, and this time was no different.

To show his appreciation for the festival and the city, Phillip played another new song, an amazing heavy rock number called “My Name.” At this point, Phillip’s fans are at risk of being seriously spoiled but, no matter! Keep them coming is all we say! “My Name” is the sixth song that Phillip has debuted during shows in the last couple of years. To quote Phillip (see video below) we do feel like when you get a lot of birthday presents at the same time and don’t know wich one to open! The range of styles and flavours has been the main theme for all of them, as well as more streamlined simplicity in some of the songs and lyrics. We cannot really wait to see how all these songs come together as a whole in the new album.

Phillip’s official summer tour actually starts next week in Mountain View, CA, where he will play his first show as part of the Goo Goo Dolls’ Long Way Home tour. Still, his concert at Summerfest, and two previous shows in Louisiana and Ohio, have served to introduce a significantly changed band lineup, with new guitarist Jonathan Asperil, new drummer Jeff Randall and Court Leonard back on bass. The brilliant Dave Eggar on cello and keys, and the wonderful Joel Behrman on trumpet and trombone, are back with Phillip, hopefully for duration of the tour.

Check out a Periscope video of Phillip’s new song “My Name” below. Finally, if you don’t have your tickets yet, don’t wait, click here to see all details and dates!

Summerfest 2015

Periscope video by Sylvia Gudanowski.
Featured Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Phillip Phillips Confirms New Music is Coming, Adds New Summer Dates to Tour

“No hay día que no llegue” my mom tells me often (no wait is forever, more or less), and so last week, on the first day of summer, Phillip Phillips sent out the tweet that fans all over have been waiting for: the new music is finally coming.

Originally announced for a fall release last year, Phillip’s third album has been delayed several months already. Though he did not provide any other details or possible dates, an article by The Hollywood Reporter published the same day confirmed that Phillip had settled his dispute with 19 Entertainment and one of American Idol’s “primary producers” freeing him from a related lawsuit and the legal complications that have prevented him from officially releasing any new music. I really hope this is the end of this story and that sunnier days are indeed coming for Phillip and his family and team.

The timing of this news could also not be any more perfect as he is about to start his summer tour this coming weekend on July 1st with a couple of newly added shows in Baton Rouge, LA and at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.

Phillip has already played a good handful of new songs during shows last summer and this year and we probably can expect him to play those and even some new ones as well as he takes the road. Will the same songs make it to the album? We don’t know. Regardless, we are set to have an awesome summer filled with Phillip’s music and that is just a wonderful gift unto itself.

Check out all the dates here . Many include a Meet & Greet option, so don’t delay, get your tickets now!