“Where We Came From” Gets Another Spectacular Video

Phillip Phillips has been very busy lately promoting “Where We Came From”, the third single from his album The World From The Side Of The Moon and the first one where he has writing credits. Last week, Phillips surprised his fans with a beautiful video of the song featuring him and his band performing the song live during his stop at the Alaska State Fair last summer.

And yesterday, Phillips released yet another video of the song, also captured during his tour stop in Alaska. This time, the breathtaking video shows the “Trio” live acoustic version of the song, which was filmed on top of a mountain in Anchorage, Alaska. The “trio” is made up of Phillips, lead guitarist Errol Cooney and cellist Dave Eggar. Playing under the wind and the rain, the trio manages nonetheless to perform a wonderful version of the song that more than matches the spectacular setting.

Check out the beautiful “Trio Version” of the song below!