Phillip Phillips Opens Summer Tour in San Diego

After several weeks of intense anticipation, Phillip Phillips summer tour is finally underway! The first show of the tour saw Phillip and band play to an ecstatic crowd at the San Diego County Fair with a set list that perfectly mixed old and new songs and offered a few surprises along the way.

Before Phillip came out around 9:00 pm, the fans had already been treated to a short set by Eric Hutchinson as well as Matt Nathanson‘s hour-long set, and were more than ready to welcome Phillip and band to close out the night.


For this first show of the tour, Phillip really mixed it up with a wonderful set that included “Raging Fire,” “Where We Came From,” and a super jammed out “Home.” The surprises were a brand new cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” that was as explosive and sexy as it sounds, and what was perhaps the highlight of the night, an acoustic rendition of “Dance With Me.” Though it wasn’t the first time Phillip has played “Dance with Me” live, last night it sounded incredibly beautiful, with Phillip’s voice soaring in the warm San Diego night. Most of the set was broadcasted live via Periscope, so fans around the world were able to join the excitement and the fun (check out the videos here).


As always, Phillip’s amazing band was there last night: Nate Mercereau on guitar, Jason JT Thomas on drums, JJ Smith on bass, and Joel Behrman on trumpet and trombone. Notably missing was keys and organ player Bobby Sparks, who has accompanied Phillip on every tour for the best part of the last 4 years. He was replaced by new guitar/keyboard player Andrew.

Phillip’s and Matt’s tour continues this evening at the Mandalay Bay Beach Resort, in Las Vegas.

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Featured Photo by Meghan
Other photos by Madison