Phillip Phillips’ New Album Collateral Is Finally Out

Just before midnight on January 19, Phillip Phillips’ new album Collateral was finally released. The celebration from fans across social media has been non-stop, and as of this writing the album is sitting at #12 on the iTunes overall album charts. Phillip shared a beautiful message with fans just before the album dropped reflecting on the struggles and triumphs of the last few years:

“Gonna rest peacefully tonight. I did what was right. Good things happen if you work hard at what you believe in. There are going to be struggles. Fight. Get up & live YOUR life. Listen to it. Feel it. Go with your gut. Thank you for the support & staying with me. Now let’s go!”

And again this morning, Phillip shared a very special video talking about what the release of this album means to him.

Phillip wasted no time to get things going promoting the album, performing “Dance With Me” and “Into The Wild” from Collateral on Fox News early Friday. Errol Cooney, guitar player extraordinaire and a constant musical companion to Phillips in the early years, made a surprise appearance alongside Phillip. Take a look at Phillip and Errol performing “Into The Wild” below!

Don’t wait one more minute to get it, Collateral is available everywhere!

Featured Photo: Jesse DeFlorio

One Week to the Release of Collateral, Phillip Phillips Gives Us Into The Wild

Are you ready? Really ready?
Phillip Phillips has released “Into the Wild,” the closing song from Collateral ahead of the album’s full release next week on January 19.

By far our favourite of the four songs Phillip has released officially, “Into the Wild” is a rousing love song featuring an opening electric guitar that morphs into the most uplifting riff, deep booming drums, and soaring vocals by Phillip. The lyrics evoke a love that is exciting and mysterious, the kind that causes delicious butterflies in your stomach with its promise of adventure, and maybe a little danger. Listening, I was immediately reminded of that feeling you get when you walk into nature that overtakes you with its grandiose, awesome scale — wild, untameable, sublimely beautiful. Its anthemic chorus (and bridge?) is to be sung out loud, hands stretched high into a summer night sky by an ecstatic audience. I predict many such moments in Phillip’s future tours.

I did not think it was possible for us to love a song more than “Miles,” but this is Phillip Phillips in 2018, outdoing himself with each new bit of music he shares with us. And though it feels completely new, we already had had a taste of this song when Phillip debuted it in July 2016 at the Ravinia Festival. The recording on the album achieves something wonderful which is to make the song sound quite open and spacious, and not overly sweet despite having such a feel-good, uplifting melody.

The wait has been long, but it’s just one more week until we get eight more brand new songs from Phillip. We will be “Into the Wild” until then.

If you haven’t yet done so, visit Phillip Phillips’ official site to pre-order Collateral. You can also click here to pre-order or stream Collateral from other digital retailers.
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Phillip Phillips Releases New Song Magnetic, Announces New Album and Tour Dates

I apologise if it may take a moment for Phillip Phillips fans to unpack that title, because all at once earlier today Phillip released a new song, announced the title and release date of his third album and a list of new tour dates!

Simply titled Collateral, Phillip’s third album will finally be released into our hands, and the world, on January 19, 2018. Soon after, on February 9th, Phillip will launch his Magnetic Tour across the US where he will be stopping at some amazing venues along the way. If this wasn’t enough, tied in with the announcement was the release of “Magnetic,” a song Phillip debuted on tour last year. Both “Magnetic” and the album announcement were accompanied by their covers. And though they are quite different in their approach, they do both feature striking images of Phillip with his guitar.

It has been quite a different experience to listen to the studio version of Phillip’s new singles “Miles” and now “Magnetic;” both of which were performed heavily during his summer tour and even earlier shows. Whereas at a show the energy of a song is magnified by the volume, the venue’s acoustics, the crowd, and obviously the presence of the musicians, listening through your headphones to a studio version is about intimacy and the discovery of musical detail and musical choices.

From the start “Magnetic” was a fan favourite, in large part thanks to its mid-tempo, instant sing-along-ability. Though the studio version is not a huge departure from the version we heard live, I was still surprised by a lot of things when I first listened to it: the bright horns opening the song, the beautiful sound of the bass and drums, that extremely well-placed guitar, and a cool effect I still have not been able to figure out. Still the best surprise is at the end, a great bit of backing vocals, by a female singer, which definitely is a departure for Phillip. This is a phenomenal recording in my opinion, and I had goosebumps all over when the full band came in the first time and Phillip’s voice soared effortlessly on the chorus. Also, there is no more avoiding it, this song is dripping in sexiness: it’s a lush, intense, sensual musical metaphor of being near that person who is simply magnetic to us, from the lyrics (“pushing and pulling me”) right to that ending with those battling (in this case) male and female vocals. Also, Phillip’s voice has never sounded more amazing.

I am so happy and excited to hear who “the new Phillip” is (as per his words) on his new album; thankfully today we know we won’t have to wait that much longer.

Follow the links below to get “Magnetic,” pre-order the new album, and see all the tour dates!

Buy or stream Magnetic.
Pre-order Collateral.
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