“Miles” – New Song Debut by Phillip Phillips

Just when we thought Phillip Phillips’ summer tour was winding down, he found a way to surprise us all again. That’s because Phillip decided to debut another new song last night during his show in Pittsburgh, PA. The new song, simply titled “Miles,” becomes the fifth one to be performed live this tour, after “Magnetic,” “Don’t Tell Me,” “Into the Wild,” and his wedding song, “Dance with Me.”

Though Phillip has debuted unreleased songs while on tour in the past—for example, “Trigger,” from Behind the Light, was played live before the album release—this is starting to look like a completely new approach for him. While the music on Behind the Light was closely guarded before its release, we now have five brand new songs making the rotations on the set list, more than a significant sample out of any album. And “Miles” definitely continues the trend of all the new songs: intense but instantly memorable melodies, simpler, more straight forward beats, and stripped down lyrics. What balances this more recent simplicity is the sound, which has been rich and expansive, with beautiful instrumental arrangements by Phillip and the rest of the band. Featuring a gorgeous guitar solo by Nate Mercereau, “Miles” feels particularly spacious and light, ready to take off as the lyrics suggest (“we are going to be miles up up up” Phillip sings in the chorus). I think it’s beautiful and incredibly moving.

Check out the full video of “Miles” below! And click here to get tickets for Phillip’s last few dates of the tour!

Phillip's set list from last night in Pittsburgh. Photo: Megan Lancaster
Phillip’s set list from last night in Pittsburgh. Photo: Megan Lancaster

Video by Moni Cade.
Featured Photo by Gemma Pollice.
Set list photo: Megan Lancaster.